Balur – 5* Ice / Blue - December 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

You mean like Kalo who everyone is crying for a nerf because he does so well on his own? Let’s face it, some heroes work better with other heroes. Not saying Balur is great, or couldn’t use a buff, but he is far from trash.

There are dozens of heroes that need attention before Balur.


That is a really bad hero. Maybe they make some mistake when they release. I can not imagine how something like that can pass Beta.
And they are angry that large majority of players have a really bad opinion about beta.
It is more weak that 1 season heroes.

Not that anyone needs to know this… But balur and klearn are definitely getting recycled in the soul exchange with this underwhelming family bonus.

Morax is in the fence… If i need one more… Then probably… Maybe.

Every single comment about him in beta matches what is being said now, terrible hero and needs fixed

You´ve been waiting for the familybonus to make that decision???

What kind of family bonus were you thinking about? 100% extra damage for every additional 2022 hero, maybe? At 5 heroes these 2 idiots would actually become useful lol.

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I didn’t think much of Grimble initially… Now he is one of my favorites. I don’t want a lack of imagination to be the reason I get rid of a useful hero.


Well minion summoning has pretty arguably changed since Grimble’s initial release, for one thing.

I mean… I always keep at least one copy of any non-S1 hero, period. Rebalances are a thing (and, in my case, Balur is the only 2022 HotM I got with the fiend-immunity link, which means eventually I’ll probably ascend him just for that).


I got Tahir morax and Balur… But i also have gaillard… So I feel like i have some flexibility in that regard.

If its double flail so let him do double flail… 2x 450% +2x bleed… or at least 2x 400 +2x bleed. I personally suggest 2x450% + 2x bleed to target and right hero from the target. Some news not bad for the game

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I was surprised by the animation one time I copied him with Lord Loki … It’s like a mini Congalach animation, but with only one hit/effect …

Happy “Clear Out Your Baldurs” Eve.


Finally sick of him and dupes… balur that is.

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A buff for this guy :exploding_head:
Good enough to be relevant?


Good enough to use, he hits harder than you think, at least in my experience.

Not anything meta, never will be, however, he’s good enough I won’t be feeding my last copy to the SE anymore.


Woot! I was working on him before taking Frida from FS. Now that Frida is nearing completion, I was debating going back to work on him again. I just need a backup hitter in blue, and I was down to him and Richard, who I recently got a costume for, but I’m painfully short on paladin emblems. This probably seals the deal. Balur is most likely getting finished.

He has suprised me some times as an ememy with his hit.
So he might get the materials after this buff if I will have no other Ice projects fo work on.


Yeah, trust - I’ve gone against him thinking “heh, lol… bAlUr” and then I get whacked for like half my HP and I’m like “WTF BALUR”.


The bleed heal is decent right now, you can combo barbarians with him and have effective results. It may seem like it’s not much, but holy cow this is actually a good update for him. If you can manage to bleed with barb talent and bleed dot on five targets, that’s like 500 healing per turn. Not like a must train, but definitely has decent support now. Not to mention he has fiend resist.

@Ufeel what does it feel that balur has been shown some love from the recent update

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