Hero roster tidy up

I am thankful for what I’ve got, it’s not much but it’s honest work lol
I accept only really having 55 spots on my roster
What I am wondering is:
which ones to feed to others?
which ones need to stick around?
do I really need some doubles?
I’m starting to feel squished lol and I understand it’s cool to keep a team around especially for mining resources (right?) my roster is shown below
Thanks :slight_smile:

Honestly all two star heroes should be gone. Save the two emblemed and one you get reset tokens, take them back and use those for food too. Build those 3 stars you have and start working on the 4 star ones when you see the ascention MATs coming in. Have fun!

Thank you it’s so helpful to know I don’t need to keep the one stars, lol I was like, that’s a waste of a team isn’t it? And I do have 2 resets, so I can do that

I’ve only been playing for a little over 3 months, but you will want to build 3 separate teams of 3 star heroes. This will be useful for tournaments, raiding and completing levels. Trying to attack an enemy with a rainbow team (one of every color) has shown to slow things down. Once you know what your enemy has, you will want to be able to attack them with 2 or 3 of the colors that their best hero is weak against.

I consider your top 3 of each color to be… tyrum x 2, Oberon for purple. Bane, Kailani, and Dawa for yellow. Berden, Brienne and Belith for green. I think I only saw one red (Azar). For blue, Karil, Ulmer and Gunnar. I would save your 4 stars and 5 stars until after you complete the training of these 3 star heroes. One that you should work on would be a healer. I don’t go into any battle without a healer. Belith can play that role.

All the 2 star and 1 stars can be fed to improve your team. Remove the emblems on the players that have them that have 1 or 2 stars.

Could I also suggest, after you have finished playing with your food (the one and two stars) that you stop part training all of the heroes, and concentrate on your best three star team and finish them

Probably Azar Bane Tyrum Belith Gunnar

Take them all to 3/50 asap

You have used a lot of feeders feeding what most people regard as feeders (ones and twos)

After that team, choose another rainbow three star team and feed them up too. In the absence of another red three I would say

Kailani Oberon Karil Brienne

Once you’ve done that I would feed away all the ones definitely and any unmaxed twos. Remaining maxed twos might be handy awhile longer

I sure can now that I know this. I couldn’t dedicate to any certain hero because I don’t know enough yet :slight_smile:

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And just to be clear, please lock all of your heroes that are three or more star, they should not be fed to anyone at the moment, and not for a long while

Now what about my two tyrum and two gunnar? Keep the second or feed?

Maybe the above wasn’t clear enough.


both of those two are good in multiples, especially given you have Gunnar’s costume. People use Gunnar’s costume in 5 star events

You might also get Tyrums costume, and if so, and you’re stacking purple, you can have a cleanse and a debuff, which is very powerful at fast speed

In any case, it is far too early for you to feed away any three star in my opinion

Okay thank you, going to lock now

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Update :smiley:
Next question is: is hawk moon worth it or who do I pair her with to be effective?

Hey there,

Hawkmoon is great, keep 1 of her. I use her costume mainly for the attack up. The heal over turns is nice as well. She’s good in a mono red team or as an off colour healer for example if you are using 4 of a colour (with a healer) and add Hawkmoon for an extra bit of survivability and damage.

Awesome okay thanks
I do have her in costume and she doesn’t last on my rainbow team

Hence my question

I have found Hawkmoon needs a little support like a defense up or enemy defense down works, like Gill-Ra is a very nice purple to use if you can get her at some point.

Alternatively for now Oberon, Tyrum, Gunnar, Valen and Hawkmoon would be a nice team to build, not rainbow I know but we work with what we’ve got to make the most powerful teams right. Nashgar, Azar, Jahangir, Hawkmoon, Kailani would be worth trying, replace Kailani with Gunnar if you like as support. It’s also worth adding some mana-management heroes like Pixie, Azar, Carver and Gan Ju.

Some other options Brienne and Belith are also very good heroes to work on, you could use Hawkmoon and Belith as support with Jahangir, Azar, and Berden to make quite a tough 3* offence/raiding team.

Of the 3* leave Graymane, Dawa, Karil as the last 3* to level, the rest are good and you can build some nice teams.