Azlar or Khagan?

Help me, I have both but I do not know which level

Azlar is better

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I’d probly go with khagan if i had to choose. But i like the mana booster. If you use a lot of fast heros then it’s probably not as useful to you

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Since this is my reference when I look at heroes choices and both have an overall “B” rating it’s up to your preference.

As @Rigs said if you like the mana boost you would take Khagan, if you like the spreaded damage you choose Azlar.

I would ascend the first one I get (don’t have any of them) because I like the mana and the damage.
All I can say is that Azlar is a beast at defending. If you have a middle good or bad board on attack the fight is not winnable if he goes off most of the time for me (even though I mostly take Sabina and Kiril with me).

If I had to choose (when I’m in your position) I would max. Azlar.

Azlar is likely to be the common answer, my answer would be dependent on your team at the time both are 2/60 and you have to decide where to spend your materials. I.E. do you need a tank or an a$$ kicker.

I’d do Azlar. the 83 point difference in attack stat makes a difference vs Titans.

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Yes, Titans alone would be why I chose Azlar.

I’d be thinkin about the other 2 hero’s mana khagan would be boostin on a titan, wish i had both khagan and azlar to test but i think with khagan u could see bigger numbers than with azlar as far as titans especially if he has a buffer on one side and a defense dropper on the other side and both are opposite color i.e: bt, khagan, gormek but that’s just my opinion

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What do you care most about or have a greatest red need for? Raid offence, raid defence, Titan hits or alliance wars?

The answer ought to direct your decision.

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Have both Khagan and Azlar for quite some times.
Have materials to ascend both, but i’m working only on Azlar and today stopped even with him.

You know why?
Today i dropped the last 4* that i need (Scarlett) and i rather work on her then all of them, lol.

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Haven’t been workin on my 5* either since wars came out

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Yep, many people do that, but i don’t do it for AW purpose.

It’s just that she is generally more useful for me.

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Makes sense. Guess you needed a fast red hitter?

She is excellent for event and titans.

I have both fully ascended and like khagan a little bit more overall. Khagans mana boost on titans can actually work well with a little luck. A lot of people don’t like khagan for whatever reason. I also like him matched with alberich on raids. I also have Natalya fully ascended, but she doesn’t fit my style and rarely use her.


They’re both used mainly for defence, but since Azlar is great even against titans (very high attack) I would go for him.

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Thank you guys, this is one of my team I do not know how to adjust it