Ascend Azlar or Khagan?

I finally got a 4th hidden blade, and I have Azlar and Khagan both at 2/60. I don’t have any non-maxed Red 4*s so I’m going to ascebd one of those two.

I’m leaning towards Azlan, but I wanted to see what people think about it.

FYI, I’ve got a 3/70 Aegir and a 3/70 Magni, so I’m not as hard up for the defense buff.

next HOTM is red , he is better than Azlar and Khagan since he is Average , Damage Healing Debuff in 1 package

Definitely azlar. High tile dmg and devastating special.

Kargan is definitely better since he got buffed, but I would choose Azlar.

Azlar gets my vote. He is so menacing in battle.

Another vote for Azlar. If he’s special goes off it’s most likely game over RIP. And also because lions and stuff


Due to the raid tournament and the rush attack my vote goes to Azlar

I have both as my first 5*

Recommend Azlar - he’s way too squishy at 2/60, benefits more than Khagan - and still instills some fear; that dot is reduculous on defense

As an owner of both, no question Azlar. He is also on my raid defense team in the corner. There, he is a distraction. Attackers have to prioritize killing him over others because of his DOT.

Not sure if I will ever level Khagen. Too many better heros do the Defense boost or mana boost

i wonder if Azlar is better at flank , he is good in corner if flanked by Ariel

at diamond level, not a flank, but emblems may help. Issue is that his defense is so low and he is a slow. I stay at diamond with him on the wing. There, He draws attention like Alby, but in a different way, ie if you don’t kill him before he fires, you are doomed.

My raid defense is: Azlar, Sartana, Justice, Khiona, Magni. If you got to the alliance, Darkmoon., you can see it, same name, King of Debt.

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Khagan can be ignored, but not azlar

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I’ve had Azlar for a long time. Wasn’t that impressed when he was stuck at 3/70. I finally decided to ascend him since I didn’t have any other great options.

I’m finding that the closer he gets to 4/80 the more I like him. Besides, those fire balls are just fun to watch!

I was the same with Alasie. I never truly appreciated her until she was maxed.

I have 2 Khagan but they aren’t going past 3/70 for a long time.

And to match in attack with Graver? Azlar or khagan? The Dots of Graver and Azlar are overwritten so I doubt that they are a good pair in the offense, the third in doubt is Elena …

My vote would be Azlar…My first red was Khagan and he went to 3-70…but kept gettin another red…Grave…Marjana…and those were better…and then i finally got Azlar…even tho Khagan is better now. I would pick Azlar still…good luck

Just read your opinions and still thinking what to do. I’m not so lucky, I got Khagan only, and have no idea if it is reasonable enough to spend items on him. What do you think? I have BT in defense team, and I actually got all standard 4* heros (mmm… excepting Colen) at max level plus Wilbur at max level.

It depends on a lot of things, but mostly if you do pulls or you’re completely f2p.
I have Khagan at 3/70 since forever [but mostly because i didnt had the rings - probably my scarcest AM].
Attacking with him its not bad in a red stack, it does take forever to charge his special and sometimes he just dies before he can go off. I believe at 4/80 he will be much more resilient but the mana speed wont change unfortunately. In defense encounters [raids] he’s not much of a threat, again because of his slow mana and as tank i find him definitely bad. So my thing is, if you’re f2p the new Khagan is not that bad especially on offense but theres definitely much better reds even only from TC20, like Marjana, Elena or Azlar. Elena and Azlar are both slow mana too, but if Azlar claps your basically almost done, while Elena riposte can be really deadly and her high attack stat makes her a permanent hero stack for titans.

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Thanks. I did spend some money, but dozens of my pulls were so bad, that I actually stopped…

So my Azlar is sitting at 3/70 and I’m waiting on just one more ring to ascend him.

And I recently got a second Azlar, but I’m not sure if I should keep him or not. I guess a second levelled Azlar would be useful for War, but I don’t see running two of him in the same team.

Keep him. Dont feed 5* heroes. With all these updates coming in the near future you will be able to swap him or exchange him with probably a random hero in the Hero Academy. Nobody knows when it’ll be available or how does this work and knowing SG i doubt it’ll be cheap or not random but keep it. A second one its good for wars too even at 2/60 or 3/70.

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