Azlar anzogh or khagan

i wish i had a no brainer red but i don’t… just pulled azlar and have both anzogh and khagan about 2-40. Is any worth full ascension or just 3-70? Im very drawn. Anzogh green titan… Khagan defense… Azlar offense it seems but looking for opinions

If it’s defense then all of them can be good at that. Khaghan and Anzogh are pretty close in tankiness, I think Khaghan edges him out. Although I am much more afraid of Azlars burn to all; true he’s more frail than the above, but he kills the enemy much better than them too.

If this is for titans I’d go with Azlar or Anzogh. Azlar has higher tile damage and the burn hurts even if he’s slow.

Anzogh may be better with Boldtusk against green titans (is what you meant instead of blue?) if the concern is keeping your party alive though. Since his heal is damage dependent on the total damage he deals, for one hit it won’t be much without an attack buff.

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i did mean green. i will edit… im healer loaded so heal is not the thing. if alzar was tankier id be all over him as hes colen on steriods… just the slow mana scares me with he and khagan…all would be paired with boldtusk in green titan hits…

special skills aren’t your main source of damage on titans though, it’s tile damage :wink: which Azlar has loads of.

I’d argue that Azlars special would be more useful than Khaghan’s against green titans too. By the time Azlar fires, he’s got nothing to worry about but letting turns pass so his burn continues damaging the titan. By the time Khaghan fires though, most red tiles will have been used, so the mana boosts may be too late in the match to make much of a meaningful contribution to charging hero specials.

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Anzogh replaces Bolt Tusk on red mono teams. Hitting and healing is a rare combo

It really has to be Anzogh 100%

My problem with reds is that I have Azlar maxed (my 1st 5* red). Then I got Khagan and took him to 3/38 when out of sudden I got Anzogh, Elena and after a while Marjana.

Now I have a brutal choice: whom to level for offense and titans?

Anzogh looks good since he is a healer: a 5* replacement to Boldtusk and the only 5* healer I have so far.
Elena has great tile damage, but she is slow.
Marjana is a fast sniper, but not the best tile damage.
Khagan is closer then any other red hero to a final ascension, good tile damage, but slow mana speed and questionable special.

what is the composition of your mono red if i may ask?

mine is wilbur, boldtusk, anzogh, marjana and scarlett. i would like to replace boldtusk and scarlett eventually but i only have khagan as a candidate (and i don’t have falcon).

i would vote anzogh also, i’m quite happy with him. but that is in most part thanks to the synergy with wil and boldtusk

I have maxed Khagan and Marjana, I have Elena at 3^60 and I don’t have Anzogh.
everyday for me, atfer his buff he deals massive dmg, mana buff is very helpfull, specially on titans, I’m flanking him by Wu and Wilbur, I almsot don’t need mana potions and they are still on with theirs buffs. My green titan team is (BT-Scarlett-Wilbur-Khagan-Wu, hits between 30-70k on 10* and 11*)

I have 6 rings and I like Elena but I want have more maxed 4* and few more h. blades(they hate me) before I start her.

Anzogh, it always good to have 5* healer but he isn’t good for def team IMO (but I was thinking like that about Kunchen few months ago :stuck_out_tongue:)

If your priority are titans - Elena (but with maxed Azlar this not make sense)
If map/pvp - take Anz and Khagan to 3^70 play with them both 7-10 days and decide who works better for you)


centre is either Ares as here, or Santa now as I’ve just leveled him to /80

These are for war, not titans

I have both Azlar +7 and Anzogh +1, I had Azlar talented b4 I pulled Anzogh but even untalented I use Anzogh more. He holds my defense cups better flanking Kunchen, I prefer him over Azlar on raid offense now due to synergies and he can take a lot more punishment from talented 5s. Azlar is still great on defense and offense but I find Anzogh a safer bet. Titans Azlar is still king for me (10s) but maps/events its actually pretty slipt depending on stage I will take one or the other. I have Khagan on alt but did azlar over him once i pulled him but that was b4 buff to some heros, cant comment too much on Khagan.

Took some footage a while back on raids with Anzogh if you want to see him in action:

Quick stacking vid

Using him before fully leveled

After fully leveled trying a couple of variations using different colour defense down heros

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The answer is Anzogh in every situation except green titans, in which case Azlar is the answer.

Ah, makes sense you could replace boldusk :slight_smile: i think i will have to keep mine for a looooong time to come still. I find anz hits just not enough without extra help from him.

Cant say for sure since we do not know the rest of your lineup.

Khagan works at 3/70 for offense but Azlar needs to 4/80 to max out.

Anzogh for overall use since he is more of a utlity hero (hits and heals but none too great).

Azlar - the pure offense monster. Works great on defense and best position would be right wing.

I love seeing slow heroes on the wings when I’m raiding. No pressure from them for the majority of the match and only tend to go off under catastophically bad boards (or if I let them go off because I’m prepared to deal with it)

Agree. The only slow in the corner heroes that are a priority for me are Alby and North. Everyone else is a gift.

I have all of them … anzogh without no question

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