Azlar or Khagan (with updated buff)

After maxing Wilbur, Im deciding whether to start levelling/maxing Azlar or Khagan or neither (hold out rings for a better red 5*, or level to 3.70)
Ive got 5 rings (pending one more) and 8 daggers
Im starting to run 3 x TC 20’s
Attached is my roster

Azlar without doubt , Khagan still meh even with buff

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@arios meh

To each their own… I have Azlar…I was stoked to upgrade him rather than Elena… Then Elena got buffed , and I somehow manage to defeat Azlars on opponent teams… And mines usually dies before he fires I reckon as my Def team loses lol

But I’ve heard good things of Azlar so maybe he could be suited for u…

Actually I’m unhappy with a few heroes I ascended just my play style I guess :disappointed_relieved:

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depend on your lineup , i used Azlar and so far he is good in AW defense. Azlar should be in flank supported by good tank as Guin or Ariel in middle , also it better to use Fast or VeryFast mana for others , it will keep opponent busy

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Azlar in defense pose a big threat on its DOT,without dispeller, on attack its tile damage is huge.

Although both are slow manas and would require good supporting heroes , on my choice, I will advance Azlar before Khagan.

Also based on your roster, and your available mat, I will suggest taking one Kelile to max.

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Azlar. The big cat wins. But if you can up Khagan to 3/70, he pairs well with Azlar.

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Still Azlar. The big cat will always be a favorite amongst the slow AOE hitters.

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