Alright, serious question time, guys & gals (Atlantis vs. Valhalla)

So here’s my situation. I’ve recently decided to go FTP (free to play) for the foreseeable future. Though I do still have VIP active for about 5 or so months (30 gems a day as long as I’m vigilant enough to log in every day to collect them).

Seeing as how I’m now going to be quite limited in the numbers of summons I’m able to do each month, which summon portal would be the best place to spend my few remaining gems?

  • Atlantis
  • Valhalla
  • Neither, save them for seasonal heroes
  • None of the above. You should spend all of your gems on minor health potions and emoticon pins.

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I’m currently leaning towards Atlantis, seeing as how Atlantis coins are no longer being dropped in regular loot.

In case anyone is thinking “it depends on which heroes you already have,” just assume for this poll that I only currently have vanilla heroes in my roster.

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I voted for Atlantis because Atlantis is home to Ursena and two past HOTMs every month. Coins are harder to get. Most Atlanteans (especially Ursena) still have their place in the meta. Heimdall tries to make some noise for Season III, but Telluria overshadows him. Tyr and Sif find themselves used more, but really not much of anything else out of Valhalla.


I second the Atlantis vote but not for same reasons.

Since Valhalla heroes are being released in a trickle down fashion, you still don’t know what excellent or terrible heroes still await. So if you save the Valhalla coins/gem summons for later you are potentially getting a wider pool of better heroes to get


depends what you already have. If you don’t need the HOTM’s, S2 heroes or… if they aren’t sexy enough to have, why pull there. I’d make it dependent on what’s featured and what I want/need.

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Yeah Ursena would definitely be nice to have… also I’m still sadly missing Ariel, Proteus, and Wilbur, all of which would make nice additions to my team.

I know more about those heroes because I’ve seen them regularly. TBH I know very little at all about the Valhalla heroes, which is why I’m asking here, because you guys tend to know all the details about every hero. If there are already Valhalla equivalents to most of the Atlantis heroes (and most of them are actually better), then I can probably just “skip” Atlantis altogether and just aim for season 3 heroes going forward.

I need all of them.

Except for 3* s. Got enough of them. But I still need useful 4s and 5s. I know there are Atlantis heroes and old HotMs that I’d love to have. I just don’t know enough about the Valhalla heroes to know if they’re better or not. I could definitely use a Proteus. I could also definitely use a 5* healer. Probably a lot of other different heroes I could use for different situations, but I’ve kind of had my eyes on Proteus and Ariel for a while. Unfortunately about 75% of my Atlantis summons usually result in Mnesseus or Melia (the other 25% usually give me Renfeld and Friar Tuck). :laughing:

I was just wondering if it was worth it to keep chasing Atlantis heroes if the Valhalla heroes will ultimately end up being better anyway. I’ve already wasted enough gems, feeders, and ascension materials on heroes that turned out to be relatively useless in the long run. :man_shrugging:

There are excellent Valhalla heroes I use regularly (Tyr [5], Brynhild & Mist [4], Ei-Dunn Bjorn Kvasir Nordri [3]). But that’s in addition to S2 heroes that are staples

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My reply was going to be that if you have mostly “vanilla” heroes, Atlantis is where you need to go versus Valhalla, because Proteus & Wilbur(based on what I hear) are game changers. Reading that you have neither of them, I double down on that. I have a feeling you will find Valhalla coins plentiful, as well.

Additionally, you have full knowledge of almost every hero that is in Atlantis, except for future HOTM that may appear there in a year or more, while you have a limited pool in Valhalla.

However, some seasonal/challenge event heroes are also quite useful, so that also makes sense.


Kinda difficult to say without seeing your roster. I voted for Atlantis, but mainly because next few will have nice heroes (Gravemaker, Seshat) and Ariel is still top healer.

Personally though I will be pulling in Valhalla, but keep in mind that 1) I have all 4* from Atlantis (so even Proteus, or actually 6 of them) and 2) I got lucky and have costumed Vivica, so she can supplant Ariel just fine, especially since I got Yellow Epic Mana Troop a week ago. And for personal reasons, since Atlantis seems to hate me, because after year of playing I still don’t have any S2 5*, though I got Natalya and Gregorion.


My main has most of the vanilla heroes, a few scattered seasonal and HotM, but next to nothing above 3* from Atlantis or Valhalla.

I would vote for Atlantis. Taking a realistic look at your situation going F2P, without heavy spending (or great luck) you’ll be getting mostly 3* and 4* heroes of summons. The Valhalla 3* heroes are arguably better than the Atlantis 3* heroes, but that is only a deciding factor if you want to play raid tournaments and events competitively. On the 4* side of things, some Atlantis heroes (Proteus and Wilbur) are really amazing and staples in some cases, I haven’t seen a Valhalla 4* yet of which I would say it’s a game changer, Mist and Brynhild are powerful, but not mandatory. The 5* heroes shouldn’t be the ones you base your decision on, maybe you’ll get lucky and get a 5* with the small amount of summons, but it probably won’t be the one you want.

On a side note, are you entirely limiting your choices on Atlantis and Valhalla? Because if you aren’t you should consider Guardians of Teltoc which is coming up (Jackal and Falcon for the elemental defense debuffs).


My vote goes to Atlantis… good luck

I voted Atlantis for a couple reasons:

  1. Has better odds for legendary Heroes than Valhalla portal

  2. Has killer 4* heroes in Proteus and Wilbur. Valhalla portal has some goodies too but… :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Returning HotM.

Worth pointing out that some of the event summons are worth spending a 10x on too. The main two being Grimforest (for the witch-hunter siblings) and Guardians (for the elemental debuffers).


That was my thought process. I really don’t care that much about 3* s, I’m mostly just interested in 4s and 5s. And of course, I’m probably about as likely to get struck by lightning as I am to pull a 5* hero in a single pull. I’m mostly just depending on TC20 to give me 5s (yeah okay so they’re vanilla, but I can work with that). I’m going into most summons now under the assumptions that:

  • I’m probably going to pull a 3*
  • it’s also likely to be a season one 3*
  • maybe I’ll get lucky and pull a 4* (this is actually the target I’m trying to hit, though I don’t need any more season one 4s - I’m trying to expand my bench, not make cloned copies of it)
  • maybe I’ll get really really lucky and pull a 5* (LOL yeah, right, and then I’ll win the Powerball lottery while I’m at it)

So seeing that I’m mostly aiming for 4s… I know that Atlantis has some good ones… Valhalla? All I know about Valhalla heroes is that half of their names, I can’t pronounce; a couple of the 5*s look very promising, but the 3s seem to be all over the place, and the 4s I don’t remember.

Not entirely. I did include a vote for seasonals as well. Those are actually cheaper to summon, but… I get the impression that they also have a much higher likelihood of giving me season one crap. I’d happily accept a Jackal or Falcon though, if I thought I had a snowball’s chance in hell of actually pulling them with anything less than a 10 pull.

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Atlantis for now , S3 is still evolving so you might end with multiple duplicate … S3 heros can wait :grinning:

I’m in a similar spot, but have basically been not spending for a while. The big difference may be that I am not lacking Proteus from Atlantis. I’m not done with Atlantis hard mode, and my plan is to use gem pulls only for Atlantis and good events like Teltoc, Grimforest, Christmas, Sand Empire - although I can use EHT for the latter two.

So, I think we have similar plans, Atlantis is the only thing that you don’t have an easy way to summon for any longer, especially if you are done with S2 hard. All of these are easily obtained:
TC20 & Costume keys for S1 heroes
EHT for Seasonal events
Challenge coins for monthly events
Valhalla coins for S3

While Atlantis coins for S2 & returning HOTM are scarce. That’s where I am planning my gem usage

Best use of your gems right there.

LOL nope. Thanks anyway though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Atlantis until Almur is appear in Valhalla

But what about those 4* slow holy healer?

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