🏅 [Aug 25, 2019] 19th Raid Tournament! — 5* Buff Booster, No Nature/Green

If frida goes out or if one of your buffers manage to do their job you could finish off attackers with autoattacks alones. To me you already have enough killpower.

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Plus Ariel boosting mana. I love her

I try this one, have a 2nd Frida at 3-70, but I think it’s better that way, lots of buffs for me hopefully. :slightly_smiling_face:


No Aegir here, and my Boril isn’t maxed, so I ended up deciding to take this approach instead:


  • Triton to buff the whole team and make Kiril and Kunchen heal a boatload
  • Kiril to buff the whole team twice, and heal a boatload
  • Frida for -IceDef and because she’s a tough nut to crack
  • Kunchen to apply -Def to all enemies, and heal a boatload
  • Grimm to whomp 2-3 with heavy damage (ideally with -Def & -IceDef on them)

We’ll see how it goes. Wu Kong is too squishy to bother bringing to this one, and my Wilbur isn’t maxed, and I didn’t think Proteus would be all that useful.

I was going to put my 4-35 Boril in there to have all blue, but after looking at it, Kunchen is just so much more durable that I think it’s worth breaking the mono-blue to bring him.


I usually do mono but my other 5* blues are slow…

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I’m going to roll with a very very similar lineup, but Red Hood instead of Lepus. I’ve gotten lucky with some strong blue heroes pulled recently, but they’re just not ready for primetime. :upside_down_face:

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Had to face Triton + Kiril (Boril & Wilbur) in the last 4* version of this tourney … bit my teeth out, lost horribly.
Yes I would go with Triton.Increases the healing of Kiril.Mine is too low…unleveled 1.1

And the healing of Ariel. But this is a different situation. 5*s are allowed. Is Triton worth swapping out Hel?

Go with the following:

Put extra emblems into Boril for this (3 steps) and Athena still leveling…she has reached the last ascension in the meantime.

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I can’t tell for sure.I’m not experienced in 5* territory as you see all of my 5* heroes which reached the last ascension in my lineup above.

Anyway if you decide to go with Triton I would put him left of both Ariel and Kiril but you’re smart enough for that on your own.

I am going with this:


Haven’t we already had this exact tournament? I feel like this is the second buff booster where Hatter couldn’t be used, but maybe I’m misremembering. Going w/ Sonya, Kiril, Boril, Magni, Triton. I go back and forth b/w Sonya at left wing (to dispel ahead of hits) versus Triton (to buff Kiril’s heal).

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Which option would you go with?
Thinking Victor instead of Kage for last set up.


You’re right. Looked it up in Zephyr’s tournament log.

#5 Buff Booster 5* / No nature in may 2019 was the exact same
#12 Buff Booster 4* / No nature in july 2019 was the appropriate 4* version of it


Seems odd that nature (which has lots of dispellers) keeps getting excluded. I just assumed these were random combinations. . .

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This is the team i am going with. Any advice

Put grim to the left for def down before sonya

Why Wilbur at the side?

What do you think best defence?

BT Magni Boril Wilbur Seshat
Lvl Boril while playing.

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