Attack the opponent's tower

Good Morning

come to show these images to know what’s going on
no further attack is won

I’m finding it more […] already and the sixth time I come and even act nobody gave me a concrete answer
I still thought that the system is […] with me
because even in war the pieces are not in casket

titan where my damage was from
averages 35k or more
dropped to 9k max 11k

can I send images of my heroes form team attack where the weakest gets 3900 power

my troops are already well advanced in the levels
so they won’t tell me anything about troops and various talent-grade heroes with 10 more talents

how far is this […] with me

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I don’t even…

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Empires and Prostitutes?


Sacanagem não seria a palavra que eu usaria para descrever o que está acontecendo. Eu recomendo postar na seção de erros e talvez não traga a parte sobre sacanagem. Em termos de dano ao ■■■ã, tente ver o nível dos ■■■ãs e compare com os níveis que eles estavam.


Slutty wouldn’t be the word I would use to describe what’s going on. I recommend posting to the bug section and maybe not bring up the part about slutty. In terms of damage to the titan, try to see the level of the titans and compare with the levels they were.


The only thing your pics show is that you’re raiding diamond level players and losing. Without more info, the common conclusion would be that your raiding better teams or using bad strategy.


This is me when I saw who opened this thread :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

It is not the first time when you come and complaining about your gameplay. Yes, yours, not mine or another member here… At least you could take a break, now, that is Christmas… Meanwhile, I suggest you to watch some YT videos, make yourself a style (I suggest you 3-2), in one sentence, learn to play… Coming on forum every month and whining, won’t solve anything, obviously.

[Please refrain from making this personal; advice should be constructive not belittling. Thanks! :wink:]


How would you face this opponent

If it doesn’t work out what the forum is for So I understand that I must accept That I. When I know how to play or should I learn Sorry but I know I should learn .uitk even more than I know enough to say anyone won’t win the battle if they don’t have pieces to activate the heroes . I’m not so stupid as to come I just share this without knowing that something is going wrong. 4 months ago it wasn’t like that and I’m always in the diamond arena

If you have more reds go momo red if not then use those three reds but add some snipers if you have no snipers keep neith but add a debuffer

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Dude, as long as a Kashhrek tank is a problem for you (no matter the board), you clearly need to learn to play. This is why I suggested you to watch videos of experienced players.

I’m calm sorry if the way I’m putting myself looks nervous I only seek help because because with the time I play I know it wasn’t like that and now it’s been straightforward

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Send some links I follow several YouTube of the game and believe that if I get the board they get they are not 100% win but would improve a lot

Besides that a lot of help does not spoil And I see that you are not in the slightest desire for help, but just to disturb I appreciate if it is to disturb and not help me or comments gratefully

First of all, learn to fight Kashhrek:

Second, you may start with Zero’s videos. Merry Christmas. I’m out.


Changed a lot GORMEK and GRINN are very different indeed every single thing

that’s what I say so easy

If everyone acts so arrogantly that I believe the forum is not good for anything,Because I’m putting together what I understand as problems for a player, Here come some who not only help but are stupid and rude,Let’s open it for everyone to do that too

Sorry but I just couldn’t understand the first post fully. Didn’t help that it wasn’t just one complaint but several rolled into one and the icing on the cake was the translation that seemed to have been put through google translate.

Titan scores go up and down over time. Sometimes I’m rather displeased with my scores but a tornado or four always helps on the next attack if I want to take out my aggressions. In general I say my attacks has gone up and just last week I got a new high score on a blue titan. So the game hasn’t nerfed titan boards or the like.

As for raiding you just have to find your style and improve on it. After you know how you want to play you can search videos. Just no reason to watch videos on how to mono raid if you hate it. I go with the same team every time and reroll some. I attack everyone that I have an advantage against and also ones with much food and iron in their watchtower. It’s Alberich-Gravemaker-Hel-Alasie-Zeline. So really at a disadvantage against many enemies but they are good heroes so as long as I save time by not switching and stay over 90% win rate that’s enough for me. Maybe 3-2 is the thing you should go for. If you like it stay with it but if you don’t try something else. I go for efficiency team wise only for titans and war.

Had my first 3 losses in a row in over 6 months just 2-3 weeks ago. Can only remember 3 heroes but the other ones were new also. Finley, Costumed Vivica and Jabberwocky (Last Puss in Boots and Kingston maybe?) It wasn’t because raiding was nerfed though. All boards were slightly below average and I wasn’t too familiar with the heroes I faced. Vivica usually fires once against me and I don’t care at all. Costumed Vivica with a Jabberwocky without a cleanser on my side is a whole other matter. When going in with a disadvantage I can only blame myself, not the boards.

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Man, just fell in love with this phrase :slight_smile:


ok mayor placing yours, thank you very much.I understand that my heroes still have a lot to evolve I just complain because it’s so discouraging so many without a victory. .our heroes are still far from yours but I arrive one day

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