New Brazilian Alliance - Sigla Sem Sentido

Hey guys, I’ve just created a new alliance and its called S.S.S. (Sigla Sem Sentido).
Hope you don’t mistake it for the nazi police and if you do what’s wrong with you?
The purpose of this alliance is to group committed brazilian players under a sistem created to enjoy the game being fair and active.
Our players are classified as 1*,2*,3*,4* and 5* just like the game and the criteria for promotion and demotion (under the stars classification) are damage specific and participation specific on titans and wars.
It’s required participation on the alliance’s whatsapp group and we expect no hard time trying to remind people to attack the titan and participate in the war as it’s required to keep on the alliance.
Hope you enjoy the alliance and if i made any mistake writing i blame the auto-correct that is correcting everything to portuguese =P.

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Nossos usernames combinam kkkkkkkkkkkk

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