Atomos the Tank?

How well does the new Atomos do as a tank. Where does he fall in the hierarchy? And specifically is that place above Kingston? Im thinking yes, Atomos > Kingston, but by how much? Trying to field the best war def I can with a green tank. Thanks!

only one way to find out. give him a try and report back to us on how he handles the job.

It would be interesting if you have Alby or MN in the corner to revive him when he doesnt revive himself with Tyr on a flank. The never dying lineup. :smiley:

He’s vastly improved, but still mediocre. Probably a low B now. He’s still vulnerable to the same things - dispel and counterattack.

The ever living team is a fun concept, but would probably work better on offense as a green stack than on defense. And don’t forget Heimdell!

If there was more color variety it’d be a very, very nasty passive team. Especially in field aid.

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I used him as a war tank several months (8? 9??) ago when we tried green tanks. (Very much pre-Telluria). Considering some of our teams were using Kashh at tank, he did fairly well.

But that was a long time ago and we have more snipers, faster heroes, more unique specials, etc. It also depends on what level of wars your playing in (Are your other alliance members using Kashh still? Or are they all 4k teams?).

Honestly, at his current stats I still feel Kingston would make the better tank.

Could add in Marie Therese and a couple fighters - then youd really have an obnoxious team to try and take out lol

My new tank, I have him with +14 with vela and mitshuko flanks and seshat and joon flanks. Woke up something like 4-4. The goal is to bring him +19 on he health plus def route ( he has better stats than ursena btw in def+hp ) Don t have kingston but i m pretty sure atomos is better than him as a tank. Will report in a couple of weeks. Would love to hear other opinions

A little background then:

As an alliance we’re in the 4k+ range for sure. My
Kingston+18 works at tank but I spec’d his emblems for a wing going att-def-health. I don’t have MN or many non-vanilla cards to go with Atomos, but Kunchen+18 seems like one likely flank. As for the other flank I would like a blue card but all I have there are vanilla+0 cards. I could strip emblems from Justice+18 and move them to Richard, but justice is one flank to my main team (Kunchen tanks there), emblemed Joon the other. I guess the real question is, is it worth moving the emblems for Richard AND the emblems I would also have to strip from a couple 4* barbarians to put on Atomos?

I suppose I’ve just had him so long (1st season 2 portal) at 1-1 that I want him to be useful now.

without telluria or yunan, atoms can fit as a tank for alliances with green tanks.
What do you think about it?

I had him at tank and got frustrated by getting oneshots very frequently. Then this war, i reverted back to kadilen with no costume, we’ll see how this one will do

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I use him since 2 month as tank for raid and war. He is ok, not more. +12 at the moment - with good flanks he can hold 2600 cups. Weaker than Telly, Yunan, Heimy and cKadilen, on par with Kingston, better than North, cLianna and Elky

Ok is ok for me - better than kadilen vanilla.

I use him at tank in field aid wars. He does the job well enough. I’m also using the Atlantis team and mother north to revive him and get that defense buff. I tried him as tank without the Atlantis team and he was definitely subpar.