Atomos vs ratatoskr

Hello everyone.the question is atomos or ratatoskr.i have both at 3.70 right now.Green 5s i have fully leveled Telluria,Heimdall,Evelyn and Kadilen.Barbarian monks i have malosi at 20 and monk emblems costumed join at 19.I was thinking Atomos first because i have 2 more green healers but i want forums opinion too.thank u in advance:)

I’d probably go with Atomos over the Rat in this case. I don’t think either is a great hero, but both can be useful. For a Green stack with Evelyn, he can deal some damage. Rats problem is to maximize his special you need to be able to wait to fire it to allow more green tiles on the board. Frequently you can’t thought because he’s your healer and you have heroes that need to be healed. So he’s an decent average speed healer, but doesn’t have the secondary special that most healers have, like a cleanse or attack boost, etc.

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Αtomos it is.thank you🙂

I have both leveled but i only use Ratatoskr regurarly. Even in ninja Tower he is very good as his tile attack buff lasts forever

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Rat is a beast. One of the best heroes vs blue titans. His special is difficult to stop. Most other healers have buffs or debuffs that can be dispelled or stopped completely by for example malosi or grazul, same with heal over time healers.

With Rat you always get the heal and the second effect with the tiles. Very difficult to stop.

In defense, flanking a blue tank he is a beast too. Imagine rendering green tiles basically worthless when you have an attacker stacking green vs your blue tank.

The heal is big too, 44% at average speed, highest in the game?

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Οuuffff!!man i am on a dillema…i only said atomos because i already have telly and heimdall and i need some damage…but after these posts i dont know

You may want Atomos for damage but to maximize his special, your opponents need to be near max mana for them to feel anything and then they go off afterwards anyway. Atomos is just not worth the tonics.

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Ok you convinced me u all lol.i ll go with rat and i ll leace atomos at 3.70 for now.thanks for the replies

Just bring two Zoccs with Atomos…

You just filled their mana, and they wont cast specials.

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