Anyone running Atomos at tank?

What are your thoughts? is he much better with average speed? do you have emblems on him?

Yes i do and he is holding up well, grazul and vela at flank, seshat and joon at wing

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If I answer yes, do I get to join your alliance?

Is this like a test or something

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Good spot. My bad can’t believe I was completely oblivious to this.

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Very nice team. Yes I think Atomos’ revive would be annoying to face. Also I am curious, what path did you take on his emblems mostly defence and health I’m guessing?

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I’ve been using him for about a month now. Both war and raid defense. I saw a significant increase in my raid wins when folks attack my tower. And I am not one shot very often in wars. It was a very nice surprise!
Have up to 7th emblem node and went shield path. Seshat on one flank, and I play with the other.
Good luck!

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What is your cup now with Atomos. I have Heimdall and Atomos. They are not maxed yet and I’ve to chose between these two green tanks.

Recently switched to Atomos tank +18 and so far so good… Holding at 2525 cups over the last week.

I’m using him with hitters rather than healers so it’s Marj-c.magni-Atomos-Clarissa-c.joon. others are between +6 and +14 emblems.

So far he’s holding up better than Yunan, Elk costume bonus, c magni and c Richard did :+1: he is also a good flank.

@Blord I don’t have Heimdall so can’t compare but generally people see him as the better green tank so I’d be looking at Heimdall in your position (plus his resurrect skill in offence would be useful)


Most people will go with Heimdall. I personally fear tanks that do damage when they go off especially if its to the whole team. That being said Heimdall has more tank like stats Eg. High defence. Its just when you put Heimdall at tank he wont really be resurrecting any of his allies. Thats because more often that not the tank is the first to be wiped.

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He is a medium tank. Not A grade as Telluria and Heimdall, but works ok.

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He’s a very good tank after his recent buff.

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