Thoughts on Inari and Atomos?

Just pulled these 2 heroes. Not sure how I feel about them. Does anyone have any insight on them? I have read mixed reviews on both heroes (mostly speculation), I would like experienced reviews.

Thanks all!

I have maxed Inari, she is really great in offense, dodging big attacks. Looking on titans and defense she can be useful but squishy as damage per tiles are killing here easily same with titans pesky attacks. Inari is great for war offense I use it in war defense as well.

Just got Atomos as well but really have no opinion on him neither good or bad, all of them I faced were killed very easily. He can be good if he fires few times anything beside that I don’t know were to put him.

She is worth maxing?

Yes, most definitely. With here in offense I got to 9 place global raids. But she is not so good in auto defense.

Awesome, thank you. I am 1 dart away from being able to fully ascend her and I have quite a few rogue emblems stashed away as well.

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She is good and him is meh. Paired they could be ok as she would be one of the few heroes
that would help Atomos from being dispelled and then help him gain enough mana to cast again.

Atomos would still need the help of a healer to perform good as tank and maybe even other heroes of his family but as a lone hero he isn’t worth the tonics.

Inari is good, she helps with special’s management and while having low defense she would avoid specials thanks to her own special and her class. Just… don’t use her as tank.


So, I’m one of the weird ones that went against all the naysayers on the forums and leveled Atomos. My alliance is running green tanks this weekend (Hopefully our opponents aren’t reading this :laughing: ). I didn’t NEED him - my Greg or Evelyn would have worked - but just thought ‘Why the heck not?’

Anyway, I have him leveled and have been running him as tank in raids for the past 6 days. I’m used to holding steady in diamond with a Santa tank so had pretty low expectations. Here’s what I found…

Day 1 - I put him in as tank at 4-60. I ran myself up to 112 global and let him go overnight. In 24 hrs I lost over 300 cups. Pretty much what I expected and maybe even a little less.

Days 2-6 I kept leveling and fed him emblems. I adjusted 1 hero in the lineup which helped. As of my check last night, I’m still holding steady in diamond and winning 60% of my raid attacks (Last 2 days won: 16/26 and 6/10 raid attacks). My cup losses are no more or less than my Santa tank.

That being said, I believe it is more the heroes around him that makes him work than Atomos himself. With a small tweak or 2, I think he could be a great tank or even flank. But those tweaks aren’t guaranteed and you would also need the right heroes around him for him to be useful.

While I don’t have Imari, I’ve fought her in raids and she can be annoying. She’s the less risky of the 2 options and probably more flexible in her use.

Just as FYI, here’s the lineup I’ve been using in my raid test. This has kept me in diamond with only doing revenges (expect running myself intentionally up high globally to get more attacks).


I’ve maxed Inari, and as others have said she is great. Important note, she also dodges non-damaging skills such as Sonya’s dispel or Kunchen’s defense debuff. She has won many raids for me with her dodge and minion generation :slight_smile: and her tile damage is indeed amazing, she has greatly increased my damage against Purple titans.

She replaced Li Xiu as my Yellow on defense. It’s not a stellar one (I also have Gormek, Kiril, Sabina and Skittleskull - none of my other 5s are ready) but I’ve been keeping more cups than I did with an all-4 defense anyway.

That is good to hear. I have Wu Kong emblemed +5 and I think that I am going to replace him with Inari when she is leveled.

Thank you for your well thought out comment! That was very helpful! I find atomos to be a very interesting hero and I will probably level him too! I have 1 hero waiting on tonics in front of him, however. Lianna. I will take him to 3/70 with no issue though :). I have Anzogh as well, and alot of people bash on him but he can truly be a royal pain to deal with when he has the proper support structure.

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