Atomos or Zocc?

I have got Lianna, Kingston & LotL at 4.80 and emblemed as my green 5* heroes. I have 2 more Kingstons, 2 Kadilens, 1 Zocc and 1 Atomos untouched yet. I am in between Atomos and Zocc to spend my 6 tonics on. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think I would go for Atomos. If you are using green tanks, I think he’s better than LotL. I don’t have Atomos, but I think he’ll be good on offense too. He can possibly take down a whole team by himself.

With Zocc, you need to be wary about firing into heroes that have cleric or monk emblems because they can negate “Mindless Attack” and get their mana increased by 50%. Additionally, Atomos can potentially do the same amount of damage as Zocc to everybody that Zocc does to one person at the same mana speed.

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1 word

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Zocc sucks

If you enjoy playing with AoE heroes then do Atomos.

Unless you have Kadilen’s costume (if you do, she wins), I’d make this Atomos Vs Kingston#2.

I love AoE heroes so I know what I’d do… But you know your play style.


Thanks for the comments. I do not have kadilen’s costume and I prefer diversity in my roster. Also I have 2 very good green snipers already so I am not considering Kingston #2 at the moment. I think I am leaning towards Atomos.

I would still lean towards Kingston #2… But if it’s definitely out, I’d do Atomos over Zocc myself.

I just can’t understand why people like Atomos. I despise him, even after his rebalancing and his damage is totally dependent on opponents mana. Hell, even just plain vanilla Kadilen and Horghall I find more useful. I regret ever using tonics on him. He’s not hard to defeat on defense teams and on offense he’s too uneven to maximize his specials damage. More snipers just means more heroes you can hit with better damage. Just save the tonics when you get someone better.


I have a similar situation between Atomos and Zocc. I am currently working Zocc up to 3.70. I have Lianna, MoNo and Elk maxed. I do have a dupe Lianna (1-1) and like 4 Horghalls, but I like variety and think that Zocc would be a better match for my use. I like mana control and as pb just pointed out, Atomos’ damage is too dependent on opposing team’s mana. I would prefer to block a special as opposed to hitting a little harder.

I was hoping there would be a clear answer to this question, but there never is.

I don’t understand why Zocc is getting the hate. I’d LOVE to get him. He’s a 5* Hansel. Sure he could backfire against monks, but just work around that. He’s better than Atomos IMO for sure.

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This, so much of this. He’s not a terrible threat on defense, and the thought of having to charge up the opposing heroes just so his special can do more damage is :face_vomiting: to me. As much as I hate on Zocc, if my only two choices were Zocc or Atomos I’d pick Zocc in a heartbeat.

Atomos has had one of the biggest buffs every given during re balancing and is still pretty bad. Shows how awful he was earlier. I’d go Zocc myself. Atomos only role is as a tank in rush tourney with no red. Zocc you can make use of anywhere, his special is extremely useful, not only does it stop your opponent from using a special, it also drains their mana, and provides a little damage to another enemy.

Atomos on the other hand, typically deals a small amount of damage against all, and then revives himself only to be killed again by tiles shortly there after.

I was excited to try Atomos after his buff, but even fully maxed he just sits on my bench.

I think I will need a bit more of thinking about this. As an f2p player, I do not want to spend my tonics for a hero I will not use.

Second Kingston for the win. Avoiding burn damage will be useful while attacking on alliance wars.

I am going to try atomos at tank in war tomorrow and see - i think with arrow attack, grazul, vela, joon, seshat all with 18 emblem level and level 20 troops - my other 2 accounts run telluria at tank - will tell you how it goes

That’s a good point

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Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance :wink:

2nd kingston all the way. and don’t look back!

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