Never thought I'd be asking this question, but... Lianna (/w costume) or Atomos?


Mother North

I had costume Lianna mentally queued up for next ascension, but then the Atomos buff throws me a curveball!

Some factors that make me consider Atomos:

  • Already have snipers covered
  • Telluria does nothing damage so I don’t have a proper green AoE hitter

I’m thinking that the self-resurrect is somewhat devalued when I’m running with Mother North? Not sure.

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Eve, Greg and Kings are not pure sniper compared to Lianna.
Atomos is the hit all attacker, but too weak to get rid of a particular opponent hero in a fight.

I have both Lianna and Atomos, although, I use them both in the offensive line up.
If I really have to choose either one, my priority would be toward Lianna.

Atomos is more useful on the defense as a tank. (Could be viable if your alliance runs green tanks BUT in that case, you’d use Telluria anyway)

He could be useful on offense - but definitely no where near enough to prioritize him over Lianna with costume bonus - the hardest hitter in the entire game, by some margin.

It’s okay. You don’t need one.
You have Evelyn + 3 green snipers; you’d be pretty much taking out 3 opponent heroes every time you unleash specials (2 opponents at the very very least).

I don’t see much use of an AoE hero in that green stack.

Hope this helps.



In my honest opinion, I would focus on Lianna with Costume first - 100%
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I recently maxed Atamos because of the Eve then AoE factor. I’m happy with him. He works well with MN as she can either boost him from 30% health or resurrect him. His damage on enemies with the elemental def down is usually between 250-500. I also chose to max him because of my Atlantis team roster.

Overall he’s ok.

I agree with @CaptainjaKCsparrow. Using Kingston, Greg and C-Lianna you don’t need him to cause group damage. I would probably do her first.

Another vote for Lianna. :slight_smile:

I guess we need a new ridiculous standard now: Never thought I would ask this; Boomer or Lianna!

Lianna BTW … for both. :+1:

Good luck!

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