Atlantis - Underwater special stages

This month’s Atlantis has special stages based on the story line theme. Underwater seems a lot like the poison stages from the first 3 provinces from Season 2 but has a minor twist. The damage from running out of air is pretty negligible, even on the Hard version. 13 turns to beat a wave seems a bit long but I’m not complaining. Just gotta be careful on the boss stages because that’s when drowning damage can catch up with you. Overall the hard levels can be beaten with a team of 4-star maxed S1 heroes + battle items.

P.S. I’m wondering if I can beat this level using a 4-star mono-color red team. That should make things really challenging. Anyone want to try? It’s 2 am for me and I’m about to keel over.


4* mono-red can beat the Underwater levels with enough battle items. But it is kinda shaky at moments and isn’t worth the effort.

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How many healers should you have? Boldtusk is a given since he’s Fire, but do you need more?
Alberich or “instant”?

i use 2 healers for most situations. Alby is probably a waste for this environment as he doesn’t bring much offensive abilities to the table. Boldtusk would be OK here, I think Kiril and 5* healers are probably better for the hard version of this level.

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The underwater stages are not too bad.
The mist stages from 7, 8, 9 are much worse. I really hated them. Slow mana and chance to miss. Like using Wu Kong without the damage boost.

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Yeah, the dense fog was supposed to encourage you to use heroes that buffed your team and did nothing directly to the enemy. It was one of the only times I put Kiril and Boldtusk on the same team. Halving the mana generation rate meant that I could stagger their activations and not worry about overwriting their attack buffs.

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I almost always take Boldtusk and Kiril…just stagger their specials to have a constant buff.

I usually have a team of four 5* and one 4* for the hard mode stages.
Greg, Magni, Rigard, Marjana, Joon
All at max level but it still becomes tricky sometimes when the board is below average.
And against the bosses I even have to use a revive scroll one in a while.
So Im kind of surprised that those stages can be done with only 4*s

That sounds… discouraging :'p I don’t even have that many 5* at decent lvls except maxed Alby and Leonidas. I’ve kinda ignored the 5* because I was so busy lvling up healers and mass damage 4*

Minion-casters work great in the mist. Their attacks are treated as normal damage, not subject to misses.


Well, that’s one of the things about this game. I see this game was designed to make 4* heroes the work horses and backbone for most players. The 5* heroes are the flashy toys that are meant to drive sales and draw players into the game. Therefore every map and quest should be beatable by a 4* team. If the devs are committed to keeping the game feasible to F2P players, the levels should also be beatable using only 4*s that a F2P purist can get.

I don’t know if it is practically feasible for a F2P purist to get the asc mats and bench depth to take on these hard levels. The devs can only do so much to make everything within reach of F2P. But, proving that it is possible to beat every map & quest in the game using heroes that most every player can access is worthwhile. When the S2 heroes become accessible through training camps, or some other F2P means, I think the map levels and future quests should become more challenging and interesting to play.

I think that the Normal levels of S2 can be beaten by Classic 4* teams. The Hard stages should provide a challenge to more advanced players with several 5*, who otherwise have very little content that can’t be run on auto-play.

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