How do I effing beat this?!?


Do you have any mana control options?


First off, you need a dispelled for atomos. Or my favorite, hatter to steal his resurrection if you have him. One warning - hatter strikes before stealing. So if hatter “kills” him, it doesn’t work.


A dispeller to get rid of Atomos’ resurrection ability would be helpful. Mana control. If you post your roster you will get more tailored advice. It depends on what else you have :slight_smile:


Depending on your lineup.

I went mono red with timestops to finish the whole hard mode.

Alternatively, you can use mana control heroes + dispel heroes.


I did this for one of my Alliance mates, attacking with heroes she had.


U need a dispeller like Gandalf Sonya or Caedmon for Atomos and antidots for Proteus.

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Atomos is very easily killed with Boril/Cyprian/Elena, no dispeller needed. Proteus is completely harmless with antidote vials.

So, the lineup can be like def debuffer - Boril - healer - Cyprian/Elena - healer

First of all, I apologize for drinking and posting. Second:

Thanks for your help gang!

Are you familiar with the concept of Color Stacking? …there’s really no good reason to keep a rainbow team while attacking.


Don’t use Scarlett on underwater stages. Or any fire heroes except Boldtusk or Mitsuko (against blue fish only) but generally only when no better choice is available. Red heroes overall in underwater stages aren’t worth it.

This is the team I beat it with:
Sabina | Wu Kong | Khiona | Gretel | Rigard

Brought antidotes to counter Proteus in case Rigard couldn’t fire. Sabina dispelled Atomos which greatly helped in taking him down quickly.

I recognize that you do not have Khiona or Gretel, but you have Sartana and Joon who IMO are better than them respectively. Even without them I think Tiburtus/Cyprian and Hu Tao/Chao would’ve been enough too for Normal difficulty.

Stack against the minions imo. Yellow and Purple. That naturally also stacks against Proteus, and is neutral to green as well which is what Atomos is.


I would use them as I think they would hold the lower chance to lose…
Bring Antidotes and Minor Healing Potions.

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I’d go 2 purple, 2 yellow and 1blue. 2 or 3 hitters, 1 or 2 healers, and maybe a defense buffer like Boril. At the end of each mob wave, before you kill the last mob, ghost tiles to charge your specials for the next wave. Then kill the last mob with tiles and move on

OK! I’ve absorbed all the wisdom here and I am going to take a crack at it with this team…

Thanks E&P HIVE!


First of all, I apologize for drinking and posting.[/quote]

Been there, done that, lol. Good luck!

Edit. Friggin quotes never work for me :weary:

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