Atlantis Rises, How Do I Defeat Atomos?

Hello to All,
I’m currently on Stage 9, normal. Atomos is amazing! I wish I had him on my roster, lol.

How do I defeat him? I’ve tried Titan harpoons and everything else in my arsenal!

Thank you :pray:t2: for any and all help!

Trust me you don’t want Atomos. He’s way better in the map than on your team or so I heard. Never been scared by him in raids.

You definitely need a dispeller, potentially a mana control hero (Proteus for instance) and if you really are struggling a red stack to help you out.


Agree with LogBomb. You don’t want Atomos if you have a choice

Try to give a little bit more info about your team.
1/2 healers/dispellers should do the trick against atomos.

well, what’s your team? Normally, proteus is a cure-all for annoying bosses. Time stops too.

Any hero with counter attack will kill this green useless creature immediately or rather he will kill himself <3

I’ve only just discovered the delights of colour stacking, despite playing since August. :roll_eyes: I’m now breezing through the end of S2 when before I struggled, and this when leaving out some of my bigger hitters. In my defense I’ve only recently got to the point where I have some alternatives to my original ‘big 5’ but still, I would recommend trying it out.

So, if he’s green, load up your team with reds and aim those red tiles at him.

lol i started playing last january and i just started stacking this month.

My team consists of:
Sonya 723
Tarlak 670
Boldtusk 684
Gretel 691
Merlin 695

try boldtusk, gormek, kelile, proteus and another healer.


Wait with killing until his little wings are gone, when he fired his special before.

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This definitely. DEFINITELY Proteus. You do not understand how much of a life saver he truly is in these missions and events, especially on Hard mode ones.

Always use Proteus when there is a boss. I usually go for “defense/survivablity” rather than offensive hitters. I would rather have heroes like Proteus, along with healers, but stacking so the tiles can do the damage.

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A lot of the heroes are so much better as bosses than they really are.

As bosses, they have much beefier stats in everything. And their mana speed is unrealistically fast.

DO NOT be fooled!


Okay, this is as good as it gets as far as heroes. My 4* troops are at level 9 and my 3* are at level 12.

I do underestimate Proteus, for sure. Okay, I will let you all know the outcome!

I’m off kick butt!

Lol, I completely understand!

Do as suggested above with: Boldtusk, Kelile, Gormek and Proteus, and then add Kiril to that list too.

If you activate Boldtusk and Kiril t the same time, you get Boldtusk’s Attack Boost and Kiril defense boost. I am unsure exactly but I think you would need to do Kiril FIRST so his attack does not replace Boldtusks? Someone else can say if this is the case, as I have not used them together yet

Plus, you have 3 reds to stack for tiles + proteus mana control. Take some Minor Mana potions with you as they will be useful to keep Proteus topped up constantly

Edit: To add, I suggest Kiril as well, because he was one I used throughout Hard Mode Atlantis

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20 more yessssss

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I also forgot to mention that I’m in Province 27.

I’m a little nervous but heck, it’s just a game!
I’m also packing potions to keep heroes alive.

Oh… I thought you meant province 9 lol. Okay, now it makes a lot more sense.

With P27, DEFINITELY use proteus, and boldtusk and kiril (if you have another healer that’s 550+ TP I’d use it too), 2 types of mana potions,

ALWAYS keep proteus’s special running at the bosses. Make sure the boss never fires.

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