Atlantis Rises - What's your farming strategy?

Hey there!
Atlantis will soon rise again any many player will gain farm like crazy! Of cause there are already some great farming guides, that’s why do not intent to create a new one. I would rather like to know how you “spend your time and energy” during this special event at the end of the month! Are you …

A) using the decreased energy costs mainly for finishing hard mode?

B) using the increased loot to farm for a specific item? If so, what’s the item? What level are you playing?

C) playing for EP, iron, food and/or recruits?

D) playing for other reasons (like getting new avatars) or not interested at all?

Some additional questions if you like:

  • How many times do you refill your world energy (flasks or gems)?
  • How many Atlantis coins have you accumulated over the course of the last Atlantis Rises event?

Have a nice day!

PS: I wish you all good fortune for the next summons to come!


I’m planing to end the season 2 in hard mode this time. I’m actually at 22-1, should be ok.

And yeah, gonna use some flasks since I really wanna finish it.

600 coins so far, should be 1 400 once the S2 will be done.

Good luck


I’m no expert, but I’ve been just slamming S2 1.10 to get as many Backpacks and recruits as possible to cram into two of my TC’s at Uncommon Training. After the last Atlantis I had enough of them in those two camps to run constantly for a week-and-a-half. I have lots of projects to level, so for me the trainers are what I need mostly. During the last two Atlantis Rising events I leveled up twice during each one too. That was a huge bonus. During the entire last Atlantis Rises event I only got enough Atlantis coins for 2 pulls. The rate is really low.


Do you use normal or hard mode?

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I use normal mode. I should also qualify my prior statement. I buy every offer that has loot tickets in it (no matter whether they cost gems or cash), save all loot tickets that I get from VIP and other sources, and I buy WE refills as much as needed until my loot tickets are all gone during AR. It prolly costs me $25/month to do it, but the progress that I make on my team during the following couple of weeks is insane.


I farm s2 15-9 normal for 20 recruits


What’s the WE cost for that one? Does it drop Backpackas at a decent rate?

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I am at stage 21 of hard mode. Would like to finish this month.

41 we flasks so I have the energy!


refill world energy 30x and do s2-1-2-n normal to farm backpack , past atlantis i able to get 1200 backpack and max 3 x *5 in 2 weeks , its more relief than pull 10x and got 10x Chochin :face_vomiting:


Do you mean Province 1, stage 2, normal mode? Apologies… I’m just not sure what s1-2-n means.

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s2-1-10 means season 2, province 1, stage 10.

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Got it. But that would mean that he was talking about Season 1 then. That was why I was asking.

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my bad i edited it , i mean S2-1-2-N


Perfect! Thanks for the info. I’d rather not do 1-10 if I could avoid it. Doing 1-10 on auto takes a little while thanks to Wilbur. After I run outta loot tickets I do the same level on auto as much as possible. BTW… it sounds like we approach Atlantis Rises the same way.

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I do s2-1-9n when filling monsters chest, more monsters than in 1-10n


Last time I farmed 9-4 by hand for dragon bones, recruits, etc. This time I plan to farm 1-9 by hand for the combination of rucksacks, recruits, and monsters/seadragons.

@ChaosWeever 15-9 is 4 WE during AR.


Thank you for the info.

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I am autofarming 15-9 and 4-9 for recruits and Rugged Clothes, last Atlantis used about 10 flask of WE,
I use also loot tickets to save time, I dotn remember which level but I try to maximise recruit/ticket

I farm recruits in 15-9 normal, as much as I can during AR. Save all my loot tickets for that.

The only thing with that stage is that it’s not an easy one. You can autobattle the minions, but I wouldn’t autobattle the bosses as they can and will dispose of maxed and emblemed 4*s with their skills (riposte from the crane and def- from Gashadokuro). So that’s why I save the loot tickets, but I get like 35+ recruits per run during AR (19-21 without AR) so it’s super worth it.


I have two accounts at different stages of S2. My first account is completely done with Atlantis, and my second account is on Province 18.

For my first account, i will probably farm S2-15-9N for recruits. I will put one TC doing Level 1 training’s, and fill it as much as possible. My only other S2 consideration is the special mission stages for gems, but that is standard busy work between AR events. I will probably not use any WE flasks on this account during AR, but i will not completely rule out their use.

For my second account, i will push as hard as i can to complete the remaining S2 HM. If i get close enough to complete using WE flasks i certainly will. However, if i cannot make it to Province 21 or 22 i doubt i will have enough WE flasks to complete S2HM during this event and will probably save the WE flasks for later.

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