[Poll] Do you use World Energy Flask for Farm Challenge Event Coin or Valhalla Forever if you farm Atlantis Rising but still have some WE Flasks left?

I just realize that number my World Energy Flask actually increase every month since the Atlantis Atlantis Rising is shorter. I am not sure what the next best choice is, Farm Event Coin or Valhalla Forever. I don’t need any material except Backpack for level heroes and food. Farming event coin doesn’t give food but it give feeders directly, so I think “Farm Event Coin” and “Valhalla Forever” give about the same level in term of Feeders & food. In term of heroes, both portal have many useful heroes that I don’t have, so I think they are about the same as well.

So, I create the poll. However, the new 10-stage event cost 2 WE(World Energy) to farm each round unlike old 15-stage event which cost 1 WE. And this Guardians of Teltoc is the last old 15-stage event, so there will be 2 poll.

Where do you use “World Energy Flask” to farm ?

  • Cost 1 WE - Challenge Event
  • Valhalla Forever
  • Both (They are equally.)

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After this Guardians of Teltoc, where do you use “World Energy Flask” to farm ?

  • Cost 2 WE - Challenge Event
  • Valhalla Forever
  • Both (They are equally.)

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My vote option is missing - I manage to consume all my WE flasks during Atlantis Rising.


Oh, I edit the title to “Do you use World Energy Flask for Farm Challenge Event Coin or Valhalla Forever if you farm Atlantis Rising but still have some WE Flasks left”. If you can consume all your WE flasks during Atlantis Rising, that is good for you.


I get 20 or so world energy flasks every month and have been able to use them all in AR (essentially running as much as possible).

I’ve been considering saving more for challenge events.

I don’t care about so farming (it’s nice but not a primary reason). The lack of food and iron is a negative but again not enough to change my mind.

I know I need ten suspicious chests to get a pull. I feel I need more than 10 gnomes (or seadragons) to get one pull. So I do plan on using a flask or two if possible this time (lots of traveling) to build up more challenge coins for next month.

The change to 2 world energy doesn’t change my decision.


I wish I had this problem. I’m trying to keep 3 TC2 going so I need to use all my flasks at AR and then buy gem WE refills to do it. I usually farm about 80 flasks worth so until I’m done with my leveling projects in maybe 6 months there won’t be free flasks

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I’m in the dark about something. Is there any benefit in farming 2 WE levels with the 10-stages challenge format???

People farm in Challenge Event for “Challenge Event Coin” from the “Suspicious Chest”. There is a big different between Cost 1 WE and Cost 2 WE. So, I create 2 poll.

I consider WE 1 to be worthy of farming, because other than food and iron, you practically don’t lose a lot. You still get 3 recruits per 1 WE which is en par with S1 8-7, and for 1 WE you get 3 ascension/crafting mat rolls which is again en par with S1 8-7. You lose the feeder troop roll (no feeder troops in quests) however you get compensated by triple feeder 1* and 2* heroes rolls (because you get the same feeder hero rolls per 1 WE as compared with S1 8-7 per 3 WE). And of course the 975 xp per 1 WE.

Now let’s look at WE 2 rare stage challenge event. You get 1.5 recruits per 1 WE - so two times less, compared to S1 8-7. You also get two times less ascension/crafting mat rolls for the same reason. And finally you lose the feeder troop roll, and only get the benefit of 1.5x feeder hero rolls, comared with S1 8-7. Only 510 xp per WE, which is still better than almost anywhere else, however that is the only real upside. And compared to WE 1 stage, you get two times less chances for a suspicious chest (because you waste 2 WE per run instead of only 1).

In short: WE 1 stage worth it, WE 2 stage useless IMO. And I farmed both.


Nice poll, but no option for me.

At the moment I don’t farm that much Atlantis, because of the schedule change, I just don’t have the time during the week to farm much and I don’t have that many loot tickets to use all my flasks.
I maybe use a handful flasks, but nowhere near what I did in the past.

Wallhalla is a complete pass for me. During WF I use my normal energy in S3, and that’s it.

Most flasks get used during challenge events, but neither 1 We stage nor 2.
I’m mostly hunting scores, so I have to play all lvls and I get definitely more chests in higher lvls.
During some events where I don’t like the reflected color I’m using my flasks for XP farming in rare 3, and there I never come close to what I’m used to get in coins with the same amount of energy and far more runs.
I normally use 10-15 flasks and I’m able to pull 5-7 times in the portal. Even if we ignore the coins for finishing, I’m easily collecting 50 chests or around 3-5 chests per We bottle.
So although the higher stages are more expensive, and so I can do far less runs I’m collecting much more coins than repeating 1 We stages.
So even after I secured my scores I still farm with most of my flasks higher levels for coins.


Ok, if you choose to use some flask on higher stage of challenge event rather than S3 forever, choose “Cost 1 WE - Challenge Event” and “Cost 2 WE - Challenge Event” option.

Me too. As F2P, I don’t have many loot tickets.

Wallhalla ?

(?) + Vallhalla = Wallhalla :rofl:

Really, do the chests really spawn more frequently on higher stage ?

Which stage do you farm ?

German auto-correct, although I have no idea why it adds a second l it should be Walhalla :see_no_evil:

I’m not 100% sure, that’s just a feeling and unlike others I won’t claim it as an absolute truth until I would have tested it.
But I’m relative sure, at least so much that I myself rely on higher lvls.

I sometimes farm those low lvls on auto mode. When I do there maybe 5 flasks, that’s 300 runs at the moment with my world energy, most of the time I don’t get enough coins for one pull, maybe one coin per flask.

On higher lvls I save a lot of time, 5 flasks is maybe 50 runs, if the boards good that’s done in an hour, or maybe little bit more whereas 300 runs on 1 We need a few hours and even on auto mode that becomes tiresome.
And on higher lvls I get most of the time enough coins to pull every 2-3 flasks, or maybe 3-5 coins per flask.

I’m doing mostly legendary 9+ on 15 lvl or the last 2 or 3 on 10 lvl events (only after finishing with the score, until than I’m doing those lvls who need some more points)

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The spawn rate of chests being directly tied to the cost and difficulty of the stage is pretty much confirmed, as is with seahorses and gnomes. Wether the increase in spawn rate is proportional to the increase in world energy cost is yet to be determined. Until we do I too prefer running the best stages in terms of guaranteed rewards (that is, rare 3) and treat the chests as a side bonus.

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So, (German auto-correct) + Vallhalla = Wallhalla :rofl:

Yes, I don’t think “German auto-correct” also add “WF” as for “VF” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well, if that is true, the “Cost 1 WE” for 15-stage challenge event and “Cost 2 WE” for “10-stage challenge event” are still the best choice since there are more normal monster. There are 8 normal monster if there is only 1 boss but there are only 6 normal monster if there are 2-3 boss. There number of coin can be greatly vary due low chance of spawn rate.

I also just get x2 Suspicious Chests in 1 round of playing. So, yes, each normal monster separately have a chance that the chest will spawn.

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