Getting +++++ XP With Loot Ticket And Atlantis S2-27 Hard

Since I finished Atlantis S2-27 Hard (you do not need to finish no other S2 hard steps before!) I collect 20-28 recruits, 4650XP, +15000 ham, etc. … for 15 WE and one 1 loot ticket.

S2-27 needed a strange effort and I solved it only with +75+100+150+200 (!) gems, any of these gems but served already hundred times their value. You could be more lucky then this station will be your best farming place for things, you need.


there are a couple guides which have been developped for farming for materials, exp, troops, recruits etc…

The one I use is this one:


I farm this level for the XP alone, I currently have a max of 45 WE… so three loot tickets and a flask, rinse, repeat.

During Atlantis Rises, I forget how much of an increase it gives, but I farm other levels for loot during Rises.

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Went already to the link, tried to send me vua email, I guess with success.
Will study.
Thx alot.

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