ATLANTIS RISES - Optimum Levels For Loot

Atlantis Coin is different per province and difficulty.

2.7N would all have the same chance of coin per monster spawn. But 2.7H and 2.9N would be different.

This seems true from the research on the forums.

However 2.9-4N during Atlantis Rising gives better Recruits, XP, Food, Iron. It might give give better Atlantis Coins because reports seem to show higher provinces give better chance of coins.

So you need to take this into account when weighing 2.7N versus 2.9-4N.


I haven’t tried to dig into the limited data I’ve got for Atlantis coins much yet …

Partly because I can safely say that the drop rate is low enough to make farming for them over other generally good farming isn’t if interest to me.

Especially since the general farming quality during Atlantis Rises decreases as WE costs increase, apparently the opposite of Atlantis coins / sea dragons.

But I would very strongly guess that the Atlantis coin / sea dragon rate doesn’t vary within provinces PER MONSTER. Note that levels with more waves / more monsters will get more sea dragons than levels in the same province with fewer monsters.


This appears to be the main reason for the -3 WE and +50% loot instead of a straight -66% WE reduction or a straight +200% loot.

Even during Atlantis Rising there remains trade offs.

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Reason for it … or consequence of it. Doesn’t really matter, but it is interesting to track either way. (BTW, lower levels are effectively +300% loot since it is 150% loot at 50% cost, declining to ~200% net as the cost climbs from 50% to 80%)

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Very helpful thread. I hope the powers that be make this Atlantis Rising as player friendly as the last time.

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This is the thread I was looking for. Assuming your discussion which levels do You recommend to:

  1. Farm recruits with maximazing recruits/loot ticket
  2. Farm recruits with max recruit/WE
  3. Farm rugged clothes with max RC/WE

Thanks for reply in advance!

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Um… Scroll up for the anwers within the discussion. Ikr…:confounded: :

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Any recommendations were to farm Nuggets?

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@G.O.A.T @Talakas1 - I’ll try to get the initial post updated tomorrow morning from what was said. Thanks for the specific questions, it helps focus me. :slight_smile:

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Farming nuggets or any 4* crafting mat isn’t particularly productive.

  1. Unlike 1* and 2* crafting mats, the proportion of crafting mats that will be 4* mats is constant across the map (and VERY low), so there’s no place that is better that way.
  2. The total crafting mats per WE spent does vary a bit across the map, and where there are more total crafting mats there will be more 4* mats, but the variation is small.
  3. Any province which has more nuggets will gain them at the expense of dragon bones and meteors, NOT at the expense of common herbs or any other less desirable items, so that isn’t as good as it sounds either.
  4. The drop rates are so low that the expected number is 1~3 total for farming a full set of WE flags, less than 1 nugget per run, so the random variations with something of that low odds will be really high.

2:18-6H would be the level I’d recommend if you just want nuggets; it is probably the best level in that province, and will drop the same nuggets as the rest of that province and 14 hard, .043 nuggets/WE

2:1-2N or 2:1-3N (my preferred farming for backpacks during AR) will give you 20% fewer nuggets .036 nuggets/WE, but drop significantly more total 4* crafting mats, .107 vs .071, 50% more total.


The data I saw seemed to suggest 2:1.2N was ideal for backpacks. Had this changed that dramatically or is there a reason you are doing the Hard version?

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For Backpacks 2 1/8 is what I am using most of the times

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During Atlantis Rises, 2:1-2N and 2:1-3N are my recommended levels for backpacks. (2:1-7H and 2:1-8H outside of Atlantis Rises)

As I’ve said before, backpack drop rates are constant in the province, however recruit drop rates vary by stage, and the choices listed above have better recruits than the rest of the province.


How do the ‘increased chance’ for nugget stage drops vary to these statements? Just curious to understand what the increase is.

Here’s how “increased chances” works, using nuggets as an example:

  • With no preferred item (and all items possible in that level), each item has an equal chance, 1/3 (33%) of all 4* crafting mats
  • In Season 1, or Season 2 normal, the preferred item gets a double share, 2/4 (50%) of the 4* crafting mats, and each of the non preferred gets 1/4 (25%)
  • In Season 2 Hard, the preferred item gets a triple share, 3/5 (60%) of the 4* crafting mats, and each of the non preferred gets 1/5 (20%)
  • Season 1, Province 5 is a special case, only getting nuggets, so they are 100% of 4* crafting mats
  • Season 1, Province 6 is also a special case, only getting nuggets and dragon bones, so each of them gets 1/2 (50%) of 4* crafting mats there.

The double/triple thing works the same for all crafting and ascension mats, adjusted appropriately if there is more than one preferred item in a type/star level class, and with common herbs being special in that they are present 4x the amount of any other 1* crafting mat, and 8x or 12x with “increased chances”


Hello why can’t not bay my flag Albania

Thank you very much!

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Sorry, that was a brain fart. I meant normal. And I went back and corrected my post

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Yes. 2:1-8 Hard is best now. During Atlantis Rises I switch. (This topic is started about Atlantis Rises.)

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Thanks again everyone, and sorry for the delay. I’ve finished updating it from what was said as best I can. Please let me know if I’ve got anything wrong!