Atlantis Rises, How Do I Defeat Atomos?

Unfortunately, my team died. Atomos is so fast with his mana.
I used kiril, boldtusk, proteus, tarlak, gormek.

The two screenshots I posted is all I have going up against the bonus round. But I’ll keep crafting and trying.

I may have to stick with using my loot tickets and my player up some more.

Level up my players some more

you want to make sure the bosses don’t fire. At all. IMO don’t take tarlak. Use Merlin instead for some more mana-block if you like.

If you need more healing, bring belith too. But the key is making sure proteus (and/or merlin) keeps the boss from firing.

Before the boss stage, make sure proteus’s special skill is all powered up, AND there are lots of purple tiles on the board before killing off the last opponent.

Bring at least 2 types of mana pots, and time stops if you have them.

Again, don’t let the boss fire!

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Take Turtle Banners and Minor Healing potions for the first wave, as they are usually the ones where you end up wasting Mana. Then, as soon as you get to the boss, before you even fire anything, even if the entire board is full of purple, max Proteus Mana INSTANTLY or if he already is, make sure you select on the Boss and fire Proteus first. Now go about doing what you got to do. Then as soon as you have finished your third tile selection, top Proteus up AGAIN . Literally keep doing this. I always start with the Minor Mana, then when they are gone, I will use the 60% sized ones.

Proteus is absolute key to success, he is such a game changer when you get used to using him

Easy even without Proteus, stack red, try to kill him when his buff isn’t active or just kill him twice or thrice.

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