Atlantis event pulls — go for Kunchen or wait for Frida?

Given the current state of my roster, would Kunchen or Frida make more sense to try for?

Since you don‘t have a 5* yet you will be happy with both. But Kunchen might be worth more to you now because Frida unleashes her full potential in a blue stack that you don‘t really have yet.

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Frida. Your first set of 5* will have to be utility heroes that wear many hats. They will be the crux of your offense, defense, and hits on properly colored titans. Frida is a worse version of Evelyn, but that’s still quite good. It will serve you very well vs titans, pretty well on offense, and serviceably on defense. Kunchen, on the other hand, is pretty good vs titans unless you have Tibertus, and mediocre at best on offense and defense. Slow is just not good enough for PvP

I will say go for both if you can, you will need the dark healer, as for Frida… would become useful as you slowly build your 5 star team.

Depending on how many pulls you are planning on doing, the nice unique thing about the February Atlantis summons is you can go for both.

Try a few in February, see if you pull Kunchen.
Even if you do, I’d do a few more pulls in March for Frida Kahlo!

I was fortunate to pull Kunchen from Wonderland so I’ll be doing Atlantis in March :slight_smile:


I was fortunate to pull Kunchen and i don’t need doubles. So, I’m waiting for march.
Based on your roster either would be good for you. But, I’d probably say Frida, since she hits. Looks like your top team doesn’t have very many hitters.

Do you have the stuff to pull up who you have to the last ascension?

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Kunchen is 5 star all healer (a rarity) and a tank. It is never bad to have one of these - but as with every tank, he needs to be maxed to be at his best. Maxing 5* is expensive and veeeery long. You don’t seem to have any other 5 stars, I don’t think starting building 5* with a healer would be the greatest idea - you need damage dealers first. A 4 star healer can maintain a bunch of 5 star snipers easily, a 5 star healer wouldn’t be as effective for a bunch of 4 star dmg dealers. His heal is percentage based (low levels - less health = percentage is less), is slow (other heroes can die before he charges up) and finally if you face a team with other healers, you may not have enough damage to take anyone down even if you keep your heroes alive.

For Frida - I do not participate in beta and seen only leaks, but her main perk is -blue def on 3, which is super effective in blue stacks. At this point you don’t seem to have much potential for a solid blue stack that can benefit from that. In rainbow team she’s going to be just another average splash dmg.

But - time will come that you will pull more blue heroes and heroes with as unique perk as -elemental def are very rare and hard to get. Especially for blue, where the only one in the game right now is 5* event hero. If Frida is in your reach, go for it. Healers and tanks will come eventually, doesn’t have to be Kunchen.


Where is everyone seeing Frida? I have no idea what she does.

She is third of triplet Splash + Dispell + Elemental Def Reduction with Additional Immune to Atk Reduction but at costs of Average mana ( first and second are G.Panther and Evelyn )

But how does everyone know this? Lol just tryong to learn the tricks

leak from Beta players

Where do these leaks usually appear?

@Bender, you’ve already got replies from people a lot more senior and skilled than I, but I thought I’d share my experience with Kunchen as our rosters are quite similar. I got lucky and pulled Kunchen and find him very useful already at 40/2!

His defense and health increase quickly when leveling and he stays alive surprisingly long - a LOT longer than my equally low leveled few 5* primadonna hitters, who croak from the first blow. I usually don’t bring him on raid offense, but he is gold to have playing the maps (if you have not finished the seasons already) and for selected titans. Will just push him a bit higher, then start trying him out as tank in raid defense.

Finger crossed for you whoever you chose to go for!


I ended up with 60 pulls. Used all after HOTM flipped over. Got Frida, another Frida, and Ariel in the 5 star class. Wilbur, Grimm, Grimm, Tibertus, Triton, Sumitomo, and Sonja along with some lame 4 stars. No complaints here, Ariel and Frida look like beasts!


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