Kunchen Hotm February, good for my team?

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask people that have pulled kunchen how do they evaluate this hero? Is he good? My defence team is sabina, evelyn, gravemaker, richard, joon. Should i try to pull him and replace sabina? Should i wait for wonderland? Is mana slow of kunchen a problem?

Your team could need him and I’d say to wait for event summons.

You could possibly catch two birds with one stone… and remember that you could also get him with Atlantis Coins, so you could try the same before it’ll disappear.

Thats true. Thank you very much. I would also like to hear people that have pulled him. What are his advantages and disadvantages.

So hurry up. Atlantis starts in 19days/17 hours. Means Kunchen will be availabel in a short timewindow as Feb is nearly over then!

I have 12 tabards so maybe one kunchen in woderland and one kunchen in atlantis. Hahaha

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