My Future 5* defense

My current Defense is all 4* maxed and emblemed.

I got a little bit lucky on atlantis pulls, got Mitsuko, Hel and Poseidon, and together with Frida at 4-38 right now and Morgan waiting at 3-70 for just one more Tonic, this will be my Future Linup, all mats beside the Tonic are in stock.

2 questions are concerning me:

Will Mitsuko be the right choice for the Tank and what will be the right setup from left to right for the final Team?

What is the right timing regarding switching the current 4* to the 5*? Right now Frida deals more dam than Grimm and can stay longer, but there is no profit for the Team from her -ice def (it‘s unlikely that she can fire twice within 4 rounds due to normal dam in defense is neutral), Grimm‘s general -def gives huge profit to the entire Team. If so should she be Tank.

Thanks in advance for your support, i am quite new as a member here, but i am a silent reader for many weeks.

1 - Hel / Mits / Morgan make excellent tanks

2 - switch out Grimm (he dies way too fast especially if you are fighting in the higher league)

Switch your tanks around and see what works best but it is boring to keep sticking to a single tank.


I use a Mitsuko tank in wars, and she isn’t bad, but I reckon Frida might be better, because of her colour specific defense buff.

Mitsuko can be attacked by blue non hitters (like Aegir, Kiril etc) for tile damage if you can stack them, but taking more than two non hitters in your primary colour is usually weak, and I guess you can hold the hitters but that’s not great either. So Mitsuko can be nasty at tank

I’d say choose between those two, or try both and see what happens

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I’d suggest to swap Frida and Mitsy.

Thanks so far for your answers.
I need to mention, that my current defense keeps me at about 2100 trophies.

So I will already give a try to Frida instead of Grimm in my current defense as a Tank.

Still wondering about her elemental debuff, I don‘t see a profit in Defense since there is no blue tile damage and i am strictly running Rainbow in defense. In a blue colorstack on raids or against Titans her debuff together with grimm’s debuff is incredible.

In final defense i will apply some „try & error“ between Mits, Hel and Frida. I am really happy that I hestated to give my mats to Domitia waiting at 3-70 for about 6 weeks since I finally got Hel.

Frida is a good tank but is Mitsy a good flank? I never have issues with her in that position, but ofc I might’ve been lucky. Her blue riposte seems a waste in that position though, and she can be an annoying tank.

You gotta try Morgan at tank.

Flank her with 2 blues.

You will see why she is a grade A tank.

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Frida and Grimm as Flanks for Morgan?

I have Triton at 3-60, je will go for Max when Frida is Maxed. So i can try him instead of Grimm even i think both are squishy?
Later when i have the mats for a 2nd Blue 5* i can give Richard (1-1) the Second flank Position.

Triton would be cool to increase Morgans heal. I often see her on wing and met her once as tank. She wasn’t very tankey imo, but very annoying on wing.

I was testing Mitsuko as a tank on my defense team - bad idea. My team lost 90% raids. The concept for her was very good, but it doesn’t work these days anymore. First try before you spend your rings on her.

Poseidon - yes!
Hel - yes! yes! yes! :slight_smile:

Would you recommend anzogh (have him at 1-1) instead of mits? All threads i found here, grade mits higher than anzogh. A little bit of DoE and heal all will also be not that bad, not much spent on mits so far.

Anyway, so i should pray for a GM or a G. Falcon before I spend those red mats neither mits nor anz. :wink:

Anzogh could be a great tank imo. AoE and heal or nothing when killed before. Since he isn’t necessary for the team, he’d fit perfectly in that role.

… or stay with BoldTusk for now. The priority is Hel, awesome at everything.

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Thanks for all your consulting.

Have MLF since a few weeks in tank position with blue flanks. Does pretty good even at 3-70, still looking for one more tonic. Seems that I have to wait for shrikewood, should appear till end of the month. Keeps me in the >2100 cups range. In war defense she is on Wing and usually the last hero standing. :wink:

I have mits now at 3-46, oh my god. What a beast, her special is awesome, used her in wonderland legendary and got Alice and Captain going crazy. :heart_eyes:
I also use her meanwhile in raids and war mostly paired with BT and Wilbur and fell in love with that fatal beauty. :heart_eyes:
Release her special, charge opponents blues with tiles, lean back and smile :innocent:
Playstyle similar to Merlin.

BTW, my Merlin is at 3-60, and i Love him too, but he is very squishy, when I have all trap tools for Hel and Merlin to ascend, still 2 missing, I will slow down Hel and get Merlin to 4-30 to -40. 1:star: feeders to Merlin, others to Hel.

Can’t wait for Hel to get to around 3-30+, she will get in competition with my love for mits, already tried her in wars so far, i will have lots of fun.

Here my heroes in progress.

One more question.
What will I do with my 300+ sorcerer emblems, since mits and MLF are both sorcerer class?
Jarangir 3-50 and Sabina 3-60 will get none for sure.

How works delay, is it applied on tile damage only or also on specials? Mits does splash dam, don‘t know what MLFs special will do.

MLFs drain will profit from more ATK

With mits I would go for the tank route.

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