Ask from a friend. Best defense team

Level 76 player and last year very poor pulls. Player from the beginning and everytime his defense lost a lot of cups. Affraid of replacing emblems, hè doesn’t know anymore what to do to create a good defense with his roster. Who likes to help? His lack of new heroes is in his eyes the big problem that the defense fails over and over.

So, don’t look at the emblems, they can be replaced to another hero.

I hope there is still someone who like to help.

Maybe your friend could try this one:

Evelyn - Onatel - Kunchen - Drake Fong/ Joon - Marjana/ Gefjon

Onatel, Kunchen, Santa and Atomos could be the tanks, but people have found a way to counter Kunchen with Malosi. Regarding Atomos, it seems that his chance from slow to average made him a bit better. I have to say that Onatel as a tank is the one that gives me more problems to defeat, unless I go with mono purple.

The other healer that could be chosen would be c. Rigard. Vivica sometimes desperates me.

Thanks, maybe that Will five him a new boost!:+1:

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Mother is the one he doesn’t want to change, so this will be a nice message to hun😁

No problem. MN can stay on the left side. :wink:

How about MN, Misandra, Drake, Clarissa, Gefjon? You would have a cleric, fighter, monk, paladin and ranger. Basically replacing Khiona and Anzogh with Clarissa and Gefjon. Drake is best at flank but will do at tank in a pinch. Especially with all those emblems.

Drake as tank? That’ll be fun🙂

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I see him there in high diamond. Not often but I do see him there. Anchor rates him an A tank, if you trust those hero rankings. With only Guinevere ranked higher among holy heroes. FYI, Anchor tank ranks for Onatel, Kunchen, Santa and Atomos are B+, A+, A and A-. So by that standard, Drake will work as a tank. Again, especially with those emblems that are already on him.

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MN - drake - kunchen - magni - marjana

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