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Hi E&P Com,

I have a big throttle in my ascensions in that I just can’t seem to draw Damascus blades. I finally got one but I have collected and ascended 7 legendary heroes to 3/70. Several others are in line to be leveled as well, but I’ll focus on these 7 that are ready:

King Arthur

Any advice on which to max first would be awesome and I’d love thoughts on how to prioritize the rest as well. Looking for best overall. Advanced thanks!

How is your current 5 star roster?
King Arthur is the one that stands out to me due to how important Elemental Defense Down is.

Isarnia always comes to mind depending on what blue defensive down hero you have.
Viv is always helpful as a healer.

Then Elradir is the other one that catches my eye.

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Do you have any Costumes for the S1 heroes you have waiting, If yes Viv is a good one

Unfortunately no costumes

I’ve definitely been leaning toward Viv as the top priority. My blue roster includes Loki, Frida, Magni and Thorne, so I do have an elemental down with Frida

Hmm, if you had more damascus blades, i would advise King Arthur, but since you are limited in that, I would tend to lean into Vivica unless you have Gullinbursti or another yellow healer. Otherwise I would honestly wait for either another damascus blade or another 5* hero that you will definitely use… maybe after this new challenge event? Best of luck mate!

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Well then let’s show the rest of my hand and see if that changes the advice… My entire roster of legendaries:

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