Who to Ascend! Damascus Blades elude me

So I am in a predicament of who to ascend right now. What’s your thoughts? Below is my list of maxed heroes. (Leaving out talent levels for a shorter list :slight_smile: ) Then I’ll list my choices for maxing.
Holy: Sif, Poseidon, Caitlin, Devana, Drake, Guinevere, Onatel, Vivica,
Dark: Bera, Hel, Ursena, Freya, Panther, Panther (dup), Seshat,
Red: Vanda w/costume, Azlar w/costume, Gefjon, Tyr, Yang Mei, Jean-Francois, Anzogh, Marjana,
Blue: Pengi, Morel, Frida, Lepus, Raffaele, Misandra, Alasie, Vela
Green: Guan Yu, Peridot, Phileas Fogg, Heimdall, The Hatter, Lady Locke, Zocc, Lianna.

Options to max @ 3^70 - Prof Lidenbrock, Arfanias, Snow White (Costume), Norns, Frosth, Obakan (Costume), Elena (Costume), Tyr (Dup),
Options to max @ 1^1 - Kara, Zagrog, Viscaro, Elradir, Jade, Hanitra, Russell, Richard (Costume), Horghal (costume), Neith, Grimble, Bai Yeong, Reuben, Noor.

I have 2 Damascus Blades, and enough materials to max a 5* of each color. However, I’m going to max one hero soon, then save the other Blade should a desired hero in Soul Exchange pop up.

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you E&P community :slight_smile:

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Howdy Hick!

The one that stands out to me that would be the most helpful is Grimble. That’s a hero that was laughed at originally but now is a must with minion mania defenses. Your best hero is Prof Lindenbrock but with Guin AND Vivica, I don’t think that a pressing need at this time. In fact, Kara would suit you well possible better on D than any of your current holy. Snow White and Obakan interest me, but the three I mentioned above should take priority.



Maybe Kara since it appears you lack an ascended taunter


I would do Kara and Neith,
in the current purple-tank-meta every decent yellow is helpful, especially Kara‘s taunt.
After this Frosth would be a perfect companion to Pengi, not only giving minions, but beefing up existing minions to mitigate the impact of Skadi.

Happy gaming


Prof/Kara for Yellow.
Grimble for Purple.


Amazing heroes :heart_eyes:

I do not know them all perfectly, but I hear Grimble being mentioned alot recently - but maybe those minion heavy teams might not be state of the art anymore? I´m not entirely sure how it´s like up there.

I heard Bai Yeong has been a lifesaver because he´s fast and has that miss chance, and- the extra buff to those of his element, or all, depending who you pair him with.

Viscaro wasn´t easy to face either if paired with the right heroes, I think.

I just have Frosth myself though and can speak well of him - he sure helps me survive during hard content, that I´m not able to do otherwise, because of his minions. But you already got such strong heroes, I think I would choose Grimble.

Have fun :four_leaf_clover:


In my honest opinion I would focus on Kara first.
I have her on max +20 and LB
And she plays really very well
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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