5* ascension advise needed

The following are my choices:

red: Santa, Jean Francois, Black Knight, Azlar

green: Mother North, Lianna

yellow: Neith, Vivica, Leonidas,

blue: Vela, Misandra, Ariel

I have the mats to ascend only one of each color. I already have Sartana at +2. I’m not sure which of them to fully ascend.

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I would vote:

Black Knight
Mother North

The list I gave is quite passive so maybe do Lianna instead of Mother North OR do Azlar/Santa instead of BK… That way you get 3x hitters & 2x passive heroes.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


In my honest opinion, it depends what is in your roster, and what you are short of - healers, tanks, Titan killers, offence / defence heroes etc.
But from your list I would focus on:
Black Knight
Mother North
Good luck


A bit surprised to see you suggesting azlar and Santa over Jean, have you changed your mind on him?

Oh and my suggestions would likely be

Jean (followed by bk) - Lianna - Neith (or wait) - Ariel.

Nope, still same opinion.

Was just suggesting Azlar/ Santa as a damaging alternative as all the other suggestions I made were passive heroes :slight_smile:

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@FatnissEverhungry What this guy just said. I concur. Also, if you have a costume for Vivica, that would make her stronger defensively.


Any 5* already maxed?

Red: BK is arguably the best red in the game, awesome on defence and offense.
With Wilbur he gets even better, but even without he’s just awesome.

Blue: Ariel. Best 5* healer. The others are decent but Ariel is special.

Green: Mother North will claw battles back from the dead… Lianna is one of the hardest single-target hitters in the game.
Both play well on offense and defense - TBH, it depends if you have others maxed already. If you already have damage dealers maxed then MN, if not then I lean towards Lianna because you simply must do BK and Ariel.

Holy: again depends on bench depth already… Neith is a good delaying tactic, but she doesn’t hit particularly hard (but with BK boosting damage this can still be surprising!) - consider her semi-passive, if that makes sense.
No sense doing Vivica if you’re doing Ariel.
Leonidas if you want single-target.
I’d lean towards Neith.


Your decisions will also be a factor of what is important to you. For example, if improving your damage against titans is your priority then you’ll probably choose Lianna over Mother North, but if doing better in raids is what you want then you’ll probably favour Mother North.


Black knight, mother north, ariel, and viv. All 4 of those heroes have multiple uses in different facets, give your team a strong anchor for many bench teams and allows you to learn to play with heroes of different averages. Lianna would def be next as she is a killer

You now have three serious healers in 3 different colors, bk is just simply the man and his attack boost really doesnt get the credit it deserves. So just depends what you need but for all around usage those would defnitely help you in more areas that some of your other choices


I have Sartana maxed with 2 talents.

I have some 4 stars maxed. Wilbur (4 talents), Grimm (4 talents), Melendor (4 talents), Guardian Jackal (4 talents), Rigard (4 talents).

Not sure if this influences any advice but I forgot to mention I have Lianna’s costume available as well.

RIght now I’m in Platinum for raids and hover around 2k cups. I don’t really prefer any one aspect of the game (raid, titan, war, challenge, tourament), just like to play so I guess I’m looking at which would be best to focus on overall until I can get more mats to build up my 5* line-up. So I guess maybe which would be best with the 4* I mentioned in another reply or as a single 5* team?

Thank you to everybody for the replies and advice.

Yep, that matters…with costume, Lianna is the best sniper in the game. Do Lianna ASAP!

As said, it all depends on your priorities. I would go BK, Lianna, Leonidas, Ariel. Good mix of healing and firepower for all-around use. Leonidas can be surprisingly good on defence. Ariel is best healer there is. BK is just a monster and protects whole team. Lianna is the number one sniper.


Lianna with costume is one of the scariest heroes in the game and mother north has rez so if you did lianna you would then have to level her costume also cause that’s a must have skill and mother north gives you rez which on offense is so so because she doesnt heal them like albi does but on defense, you already know what that means. Definitely a tough choice there, however you are not losing anything with either.


Do Mother North. There are a ton of snipers and other heroes out there that can substitute Lianna as damage dealer, even from the ranks of 4 star greens. But there are only 2 revivers in this game in the current meta and that would be Mother North and Alberich. These 2 heroes are the real game changers as you may have a chance to be able to defeat a much tougher enemy both in wars and in raids due to their revive skills. With Mother North, not only she provides a chance to revive fallen allies, she also heals and summons minions, making your whole team a bit more challenging to overcome, giving you a higher chance of victory when attacking or defending. She offers a lot to the whole team than Lianna, who only deals damage but cannot even one-shot a maxed and unscathed enemy hero of equal and decent caliber even when Lianna is fully emblemed, even if Lianna is regarded as the best sniper due to her raw damage output to a single target.

EDIT: As an addition for consideration, you can always get Lianna at any portal that can summon a hero, even from the Training Camps. But MN and Albe are heroes that can only be summoned very, very, very rarely. Albe, if featured in Atlantis, and MN, during Christmas events. That insinuates how good those two are.

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Mother North - (Ultra laid out exactly why)
Black Knight - (or Santa but BK is more of a pain on D)
Ariel - (already explained, she’s good)
Leo - (or Neith who seems to work better with damage boosting allies.)

Since you already have Sartana, this team will round it out and get you to diamond.


thank you. I think I will follow this advise.

I managed to pull King Arthur and RIchard today. Does that change the advise?

No, healers first.

Damage only is a cool raid style, but healers will help on any other aspect like titans, map progress, events, wars and quests.

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Black Knight

be still my soul



I don’t see Ariel explained over Viv. I have Vivica @ 3/70 and Ariel @ 1/1. Please explain advantages and disadvantages of both please. Thank you :thinking::hugs:

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