Ascension and Raid Input

I’d welcome input on ascension and a couple of raid alternatives. My heroes are:

Fully Leveled:
Boldtusk (have costume but looks meh)

Ascended and leveling:
Rigard 4.57 (have costume - looks promising)
Wu Kong 4.53
Grim 4.16

Have Mats to Ascend 2 of:

5 Heroes in Progress:
Guardian Gazelle 3.17 great for questing. Include her with BT, Boril, Tibs, Elkanen (can go back and forth between Gazelle buffs vs. BT and Boril buffs)
Elkanen 3.7
Guardian Kong

Other partial leveled or in stalls:
Chao 3.6
Sumle- just started, kelile, Colen, Gormek
LiXiu, Hu Tao
Sabina, Cyprian, Ameonna

Raids and war setup has been:
BT, Boril, Tibs, Elk, interchanging Wu, Gazelle and Rigard

Appreciate some thoughts. My initial thought is finish Grim, the Kiril. Work on Sumle… waiting on mats for 5s. Going back and forth between Gazelle and Wu on who to level to max with recruits available. Gazelle is nice with buffs.

On titans, can multi color with a cple bosses… so also focused on good balance among heroes with supporting buffs.


If I had that setup, I would finish rigard (His att buff is useful) and boldtusk with the costume, at least for the power boost.

I have gazelle too and since then, I have not used wu kong even once. He is way too random, gazelle gives you a lot more, as long as you can keep her alive. She can be used pretty much everywhere BUT I would never put her on my defense team.

I would also put emphasis on grimm, gormek (wilbur is better if you have him) and kiril.

In the red I would do kelile or scarlet before sumle. Fast mana is always a better choice to me.

If you get sonya and/or caedmon they are good fast mana sniper w/ dispel, so they are really useful.

Stay away from ameonna and sabina (you have rigard, you might not need her). Li xiu isn’t that strong too so chao would be my choice.

As for the order, you know better than anyone what you need. I think you are already on the right path.

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