Ascension ?'s

I would really appreciate some help with this everyone! I have enough materials to level a dark or holy hero but not both at this time. Which hero would you choose??

For some reason I’m having a lot of hesitation for this ascension so any help or team thoughts would be appreciated!!

Khiona if you want good titans score but if you are after a solid PvP hero then Kageburado is a safer bet.

I typically score well on titans but I can always improve! I think kage is good but I didnt know if there was consensus on him

You have one hell of roster.

Depends on what you want to do with it.

I would choose Joon for you. You are lacking that sniper in the yellow department.

I don’t get it… Why would someone with your roster ask around about ascending one hero? Just pick one… At that level it makes no real difference…


In war it does. In raid stacking it does.
You and I arent at his level and shoudn’t give advice on it > my advice to you :wink:

And by level I mean tp power; not to be confused with f2p vs c2p vs p2p.

you’re going offtopic. :smile:
he asked for an advice; if you can, give it; if not, do like me :zipper_mouth_face:

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Ok, I got to excited… sorry, there it goes, no harm done!


I’ve been wanting Viv for my own line up. But, as stated, I’m not on your level, so i don’t know what else to say?

I didnt realize that this forum was into gatekeeping. Cool. Might want to put that pinned to the top.

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