Sartana.C or Onyx or Clarissa? and other

Hello, would like to have opinion decision for next ascend heroes.
Here is my roster so far…

Material: 6 tabard.
Purple: Sartana original need 6 tabard, but I was leaning Onyx.

Next Purple Ascend
  • Onyx
  • Sartana (have costume)
  • Clarissa
  • 2nd Ursena
  • Domitia
  • Obakan
  • Wait

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Material: 2 Darts.
Yellow: I was leaning Onatel, but other opinion is welcome. Only have 2 darts though.

Next Yellow Ascend
  • Onatel
  • Sir Rostley
  • Neith
  • Bai Yeong
  • 2nd Joon.C
  • 2nd Poseidon
  • 2nd Malosi
  • Wait

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Material: 6 scope
Blue: I was leaning next blue is Glenda, but other opinion is welcome.

Next Blue Ascend
  • Glenda
  • 2nd Magni
  • Thorne
  • Wait

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Material: 6x Tonic
Green: I was leaning either Francine or Evelyn, but other opinion is welcome.

Next Green Ascend
  • Francine
  • Evelyn
  • Zocc
  • Atomos
  • Margaret
  • 2nd Kingston
  • 2nd Telluria
  • Wait

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Material: 4x Rings
Red: I was leaning next blue is Glenda, but other opinion is welcome.

Next Red Ascend
  • Gefjon
  • Noor
  • Elena
  • Wait other

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For additional info, my plan green is bring Evelyn to 3.70, then maybe I will ascend Francine or other green. But if I enjoy with evelyn I think I would ascend her 1st. So that I have full potential use Evelyn, because I have 2x sniper (Kingston and Lianna) to pair with Evelyn.

EDIT: For red I mean Gefjon not Glenda.

The most toughest choices i think are green and purple. I will explain myself why ive picked Evelyn and Sartana.

  1. Francine is really good. His main strengh is to hit hard to those ice heroes and to bring a new way of cleanse that remains for 3 turns. Its dispeleable so be careful if attacking of those heroes with dispel.
    On defense is easy to counter. Not good here.

Evelyn on the other hand will pump your score against ice titans. Will strengh your other green hitters and eventually will be the best francine mate. But first do

And for purple. Both heroes , Onyx and Sartana are very good. Here my pick was more based on my playstile. I see myself using and ejoying sartana more than Onyx.
You cannot go wrong.

Good gaming

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Francine is AMAAAZZINNGGGG worth the ascension for sure!

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Exactly this. It’s based on your play style. I find that the ninjas charge speed perfectly suits my play style as I like to wait to use specials until the optimum effect. And, obviously, with the ninjas it’s that third charge. I personally would go Onyx, but you can’t go wrong with costume Sartana either. Deadly.


I voted for Evelyn, but you can’t go wrong with Francine either

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Evelyn and Francine will be probably awesome together. Especially if blue is hit with them. Ouch. C-Sartana is probably great, but all 5* ninjas barring Jade are broken. Also I like the unity on red ascend so far.

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I you have an emblemed Almur, I’d go for Francine over Evelyn. Amazing heroes friend!


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nice pulls, recently with francine, gefjon, onyx! congrats!!!

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