More ascension questions

100% FTP running out of projects. I have a bunch of 5* maxed and a bunch at 3-70. I have enough mats to do at least two of each color.

What are recommendations for maxing or waiting? I have a very full stable of 4* in all colors, and essentially no non-maxed 4* or 3*, and as FTP my opportunities for new 5* are pretty slim. my HA10 has been pretty generous (3 non-season 1 in 6 months) but that’s not exactly a reliable source of new heroes to level.

Red max:
Mitsuko +18 (def track, current tank)
Kong +5
Zimkitha +8
Marjana +7

Green max:
Fogg +19 (def team right flank)
Tarlak +6
Lianna +12
Gregorion +5
Lianna +2

Yellow max:
Joon +13 (def team right wing)
Malosi +10
Ranvir +6
Onatel +3
Leonidas +3

Purple max:
Sartana +9 (def team left wing)
Domitia +11

Blue max:
Magni +4 (def team left flank)
Thorne +6
Isarnia +5

Yellow 3-70:

Red 3-70:

Purple 3-70:

Blue 3-70:

Green 3-70:
Horghall (costume at 1-1)

I would Ascend Vivica, Baldur and Obkan. Maybe you get another great hero before they are ascended.
Vivica because there are not many 5* Healers.
Baldur because he is underrated and Obakan is quite decent after the latest buff. And there are not many good 5* Barbarians, so you should be able to emblem him fast.

Happy gaming

I would start maxing some of those slow heroes for rush attacks.

I hold out till I have enough to max two of one color. Once I hit 12 scopes, rings…whatever, Ill go ahead and max whatever hero on my bench that seems best. Then I will hold onto the other 6 mats in case I get lucky and pull something better.

Seems you are n that position so it may work well for you.

In my honest opinion, I would start with Vivica and then move onto Marjana.
After that it depends what you want to do ie max out some slow heroes like Elena or Khagan or Quintus etc for rush attack

I’d say Vivica number one as well since you are lacking in 5 star healers. I don’t like that all of your greens are snipers, eventually you’ll need a little variety. I think the best non maxed hitter you have is Baldur…but your other reds are rock solid. Quintus should get a look as well, purple heroes need some depth.


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