5* ascend help

I can’t decide whom to ascend. Seshat or kunchen. I was already to Ascend seshat when I pulled kunchen. I use seshat a lot. Never used kunchen. I have him lol up. Seshat with Lianna, vivica, richard,bt or. Nataly or marj, seshat. Really appreciate insight

Do you have Rigards Costume?

Is your Vivica maxed/emblemmed?

In my honest opinion, if you already have Vivica on max then I would do Seshat.
The only other thing to consider would be what colour your alliance use for War Tanks. If it’s purple then you can’t go wrong with Kunchen.
Good luck

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Yes vivica is max and emblemed. I don’t have rigards costume. I have rigard, fully maxed

For offense, I would take an emblemed Rigard over Kunchen every time. With costume, he is godly. I really only like Kunchen for tank or titans.

Seshat is as solid as they come. You will never regret maxing her.

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With Vivica already maxed, Seshat for sure.

Kunchen can still be of use at 70, as all of his skills work the same, albeit with less survivability (so not ideal if you’re wanting to place him on defense, or use as your war/defense tank)

Whereas Seshat can really only be of most use at 80 as an offensive sniper. Sure, her dispel will still work, but aside from that she’d just gather dust, as 3/70 snipers are fairly useless in comparison

Yup, then go with Seshat. Kunchen is better than Vivica no doubt, but it looks to me you are only building your first rainbow teams. With Vivica already on max and taking cleric emblems, you don’t need Kunchen who will only duplicate her role. Seshat will provide far more versatility for you at this point.

Yes my first 5* team. GREAT advice from all of you. Tyvm for you help. Going with seshat. !!!

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