Ascension advice: purple heroes!

Which one? Please Any advice

DR .Moreau…is a great choice

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U can’t go wrong with a 5* healer. So my choice would be kunchen. But freya and doctor are also pure gold. Tough choice.


In your shoes I would max out Kunchen next, then Dr and then Freya
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Hi! some awesome heroes there.

My personal vote is for Onyx. The ability to charge SUPER quick to nulify someone like BK or Krampus in 5 tiles is super powerful. Then on top of that, you can hold charge to get a more powerful effect if you need/ want / can…

I see a couple other people recommending kunchen and i HIGHLY recommend AGAINST doing this… He is one of the few heroes I maxed who I sincerely regret levelling… Rigard (yes the 4* purple healer) does what he does but does it quicker and cheaper… If you need a healer in purple, just level Rigard and slip him some blems and he goes fine… I have 2x Rigard levelled at +19 emblems and Kunchen maxed… Guess which ones I use every war (in top level wars too)… I’ll give a hint; it isn’t kunchen.

Also you don’t need freya as you already have Bera maxed & emblemed :slight_smile: they perform the same role in defence teams with most top allys concluding that bera is the best / meta war tank, followed by Freya… so yeah, go with something that’ll give you new :slight_smile:


i agree with Moreau and Onyx. Freya is also useful as the defense up can be a pain.


Moreau or Freya — it depends on your focus which I would choose.

Offense, War attack, events? - Moreau

War attack/defense, raid defense, synergy with other purples - Freya

I agree with @Guvnor that cRigard > Kunchen

Obakan, Sartana, and Domitia are a little dated without costumes or emblems (though Dom’s dispell is worth a mention)

Victor - not as shiny and sleek as Moreau/Freya

Malicna could be a good support/fun hero for a purple stack

Sargasso and Mokk-Arr are just bad. Just bad.


I second the motion of what @Guvnor has expressed. I have two Kunchens, both obtained from Atlantis as a featured past HOTM as I missed getting him on his month of release as HOTM. None maxed. I use Rigard with maxed costume bonus +18 and costumed Rigard +18. I also have 2 more maxed costumed Rigard, but the original versions not max. I rather use tabards on other better offensive purple legendary heroes than on Kunchen, and max another Rigard, who is easier and cheaper to obtain, level, ascend, max and emblem. Who says we really need a slow legendary healer if there are other viable (or better) options from the epic ones?



Are you suggesting maxing a second Onyx? OP already has an Onyx maxed and lightly emblemed.


I would have gone with Dr and Malicna…
Diversity ur roaster…
If u have Rigard, then there is no need of Kunchen…

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I had missed that but yeah… I would :rofl: he’s really amazing

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I would go with Moreau because i already have One onyx maxed

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