Next Hero(es) to ascend

Hi, I’ve been saving mats for a bit but I’m wanting to pull the trigger on up to 3 of the following heroes:

  • Sartana
  • King Arthur
  • Master Lepus
  • Alice
  • Ratatoskr
  • Zocc

These would be levelled to fit into mono teams or tournament/special event teams.

My current raid defence team is:
Kingston +15, Ariel +15, Telluria +15, Black Knight +15, Seshat +15.

I’m thinking of doing King Arthur and Ratatoskr as they fit in the best with mono teams.

What do others think?

You can’t go past master Lepus, he is the biggest fast straight hitter in the game

King Arthur if you don’t have blue elemental def down

Sartana is an excellent sniper, and the Rat is average speed which is nice for a full team healer

Well, this a hard choice, due to the fact that they all have good skills. I would suggest Rata if you are keen non high scores @ blue titans and in need of an additional ggod healer. (Your Ariel is a very good already)

Master Lepus is great (great, great, great) in PvP

And I must admit, mono teams are not my first choice, I mostly go 3 2.

Ok thanks everyone.

I should have mentioned the context that they would fit into too.
I don’t have another ice defence down hero so was definitely looking at King Arthur.

At the moment I already use Ratatoskr at 3-70 in my blue titan team with Evelyn (4-80), Kingston (4-80), Zocc (3-70), and Brynhiild (4-70).

My blue mono team currently looks like - Magni c (3-70), Jott (4-70), Ariel (+15), King Arthur (3-70), Master Lepus (3-70)

Will move ahead as planned for now with Ratatoskr and King Arthur with the intention of getting higher titan scores.

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