Change of plans! Maybe

Hello ladies and gents, I recently opened this other topic (dum dum dum… another hero to ascend) to get advices on which 4s heroes to ascend first.

My idea is to have at least six 4s maxed heroes for war. But, a couple of lucky single pulls from Atlantis made me think about this plan. As I have more or less five 4s heroes maxed for each color, I was thinking “well, I have many good 5s benched waiting to be ascended and I have the materials, why not ascending them as sixth?”

This idea came to my mind also because if I finish ascending six 4s heroes per color, then I would be short on mats to upgrade the 5s. It’s true that it’s easier to get hidden blades, traps and so on, but it still takes time. And as I have almost the mats for the final ascension of a 5s for each color… I was reconsidering my options.

My current defense team is Poseidon, Zimkhita, King Arthur, Evelyn and Seshat, here’s my 5s waiting for upgrade (where not specified, they’re 1/1):

Red: Anzogh, Azlar

Blue: Aegir 3/70, Thorne 3/70, Rumplestiltkin, Richard, Miki, 2nd Arthur

Green: Elkanen

Purple: Khiona, Domitia 3/70, Captain Sargasso, Obakan

Yellow: Vivica, Leonidas 3/70

What would you do in place? Stick with the original plan or focusing on the 5s?

If the majority would be inclined toward the 5s, those are my ideas

  • I can’t choose between Anzogh and Azlar, I like them both for different reasons;
  • For the blues, I am very inclined toward Aegir, although I’m also tempted by Miki
  • Green will be the last, I wanna see if TC20 pulls out something more interesting (Lianna), otherwise I will proceed with Elkanen when I’ll have the last tonic;
  • Purple: Khiona, the others can wait forever
  • Yellow: my idea would be Vivica (especially if I decide to max Azlar) but I’d really like to see Leonidas at his full potential.

Thank you for your advices :smile:

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If you have so many 4* already done focus on 5*.

For red I would go for Anzogh he is better in my opinion.

Purple I would go with Khiona seems to me better choice then second sniper as Domitia.

Blue I would go for Aegir then Miki this two are treasures. Richard for 3rd in line.

Green Elken hmm I like him very much all do people don’t appreciate him but maxed him and he is very hard nut to beat.

Yellow I would go for Vivica as healers are always needed, also have Leo and use it and I must say he is very much ok.

Hope this will help.

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Stop ascending 4’s :slight_smile: You have plenty.

Red: Anzogh
Blue Aegir (Miki if you dont have Wu or Ranvir leveled already)
Purple: Khiona
Yellow: Viv

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Thank you both.

Does Miki work good at 3/70? I would like to max Aegir as he is far more versatile and he would work well with Zimkhita, because of the attack buff… Miki seems much more specialised on titans. But I don’t have enough scopes for both.

Max Aegir since 3/70 for Miki is enough for now depending on your titan level. I ran him at 2/56 or so against a red 9* with the help of some potions. Sturdier at 3/70 than a maxed Wu Kong.

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Miki at 3/70 won’t disappoint.

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