Which 5s on my bench to work on?

Hello ladies and fellas, my defense team is Poseidon, Zimkhita, King Arthur, Rigard (soon to be substituted with Seshat) and Evelyn.

I am currently working on having 6 maxed heroes of each color for AW, but after that (and as soon as I get some upgrade materials) I’d like to start to work on the 5s I have on the bench.
I know they’re not the best, but I’d like not to do many pulls in the future and focus on what I have.

Here they are:

Red: Anzogh 1/1

Blue: Aegir and Thorne 3/70, Rumplestitkin 1/1

Green: Elkanen 1/1

Yellow: Leonidas 3/70, Vivica 1/1

Purple: Domitia 3/70, Ursena, Aeron, Obakan and Sargasso 1/1

Among those, I will max for sure Aegir.

I read some poor comments on Anzogh, but after fighting against him multiple times, I think it’s actually pretty good and I am inclined to max him too. Do you agree?

Same goes for Elkanen, also because he could have a good sinergy with Evelyn.

Between Vivica and Leonidas, I think I’ll go with the lady, a 5s healer is a rarity and I already have some snipers

Purple… that’s the tricky part: none of them convinces me fully. Domitia is a lesser version of Seshat, I haven’t read many good things about Ursena, Sargasso sucks and I read mixed reviews about Aeron.
Obakan seems good but I’m not sure

Thank you for your answers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do all the healers first.
Aegir, Viv, Aeron, Anz…

Elk is an ok finisher and warwing.


Thank you Olmor, I actually saw Elkanen used a lot as a tank also and I think it’s a good position for him too, due to his high def and the healing part of his special. Especially if paired with Evelyn

That is fot attack not defense.

You might want to do Aegir first and then Vivica.

Aegir is most likely to be ascended first (as soon as I get the two missing telescopes) as he’s already at 3/70. I like him very much, and I only ascended King Arthur before him because I needed firepower

Anzogh is a good hero. I am glad I maxed him. Like you I wasn’t sure about him , decided to give him a chance anyway. He’s good on defense and good on offense.

My purple 5*s are similar to yours and I’m just not sure about Ursena yet. My Domitia, Thoth, and Obakan aren’t getting tabbards.

Vivica would get my darts over Leo.

The others I don’t really know about, or have an opinion. Good luck.


My choice would be in this order Aegir,Vivica, Aeron,Ursena,Thorne I cant say about the others as I do not have them so have not used them

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