Ascending advice!

i’m really can’t figured out on who i shut use my mats on :slight_smile: basically i can use best titan / raid heroes or heros that fits great in colorstack… cuz the items take some time to collect want to make the right choice

blue team : athena or magni… i choosed athena for this cuz her special is great for everything… and the def down is a good bonus…

red team : mitsuko or queen of hearts… this one is for me a heavy one… mitsuko is great in titans and raiding / war and stuff in other hand queen of hearts looking very good and strong and her special to keep of specials is also great for titans to protect you important heros

holy team : onatel or joon… i know joon is a crazy hero and sniper but onatels special and blind resist makes her a good hero also imo… for sniper mainyl have magni, kageburado and marijana currently but i lack heroes that slow down mana…

green team : hatter , evelyn are my biggest dilemma here :slight_smile:

looking for a good order that works well allround like war/deffence/raids/titans… was planning to start with athena, mitsuko first just need thome of tactics… but then queen of hearts came by someone have any advice here ? :slight_smile:

much appreciated!

Queen of hearts is awesome…i would go with her before mitsuko…you can use her in your def, titans and try raids
Evelyn is brillant on blue titans…also i use her on my mono green…works well
I don’t have joon but onatel …she’s part of my titan team against purple…use her in def ( Guin missing) and sometimes in raids…and she part of my farming team…

Misty and Onatel can really starve a defense and they have splash damage to do a bit of damage themselves.

In saying that Athena is the pick over Magni. She’s the best blue out there and paired with your other snipers (KGB and Marj) will be deadly. I’d add Joon to the list and that’s a mean team. Hatter hits hard and his steal is a disruptor on both offense and defense.

Nice heroes and dilemma to have.

mainly alot of luck… marijana i got for a long time allready… athena, kage, mitsuko was in the same 10 pull… and yeah hatter and queen was a lot of luck too… but its indeed a nice dilemma but hard choices lol

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