Three 5* Greens to Ascend. Only enough mats for two

Hey all.
I have 3 Green 5* heroes ready to Ascend to rank 4, but only enough mats for two of them to go. I am in need of a Green tank to be one of them.

HEROES to Ascend:

What does the community advise in this situation, and given your experience with these three?

My thoughts are that cElkanen would be the likely shoe in for Green Tank, as I have tended to have slightly more trouble with him at tank and other positions, more so than the few times I have encountered Yunan.

Yunan also seems good candidate material for Tank though my cElena is absorbing all Fighter emblems until further notice. He is fair already as a 3.70 but I think he is going to be really useful for raids at 4.80, even if I cannot tank with him immediately. Anyone who has Yunan as a tank before have any comments for or against?

Zocc has a pretty useful super, since I do not have Merlin or Alfrike and may be handy to have for raiding, but has never been much of a problem to best, in a defense team, in my experience. He is a bit limited but still useful at 3.70 but I am curious if he is worth ascending over the other two.

If you want a tank, Yunan is the best choice

Do you have any other greens ascended? If you have Evelyn or Almur then I’d say a Elkanen has synergy there. But if you have a level 23 mana troop Zocc charges in 9 tiles.

I would make the second choice on other synergies, and/or the availability of emblems

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@Guvnor and @PapaHeavy have used yunan as a tank I believe. Maybe Albe to help yah.

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C-Elkanen is a decent enough tank. Not seen often so I don’t have much of a handle on him.

Yunan is the most “tanks” of the three options. I have mine ascended and had him at +18.

Used him as tank for a lonnnngggg time. But that was before Telluria came out and people were unfamiliar with fighting green tanks :stuck_out_tongue:

He still did and does well in the tank position tho.

I also loved using him in offence raids too. He’s surprisingly good in offence as his Sand Damage is pretty hefty against the entire team and the healing debuff is good for stopping second phase healers.

Additionally, the DoT was great at combatting the most common blue tank (back in the day) which was Aegir. The DoT cut thru the defence buff and damage share which was awesome.

I don’t have Elkanen or costume levelled (sitting at 1-1) so am not really able to comment on efficacy in offence there.

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Thank you all for the responses! It looks like Yunan is going to need to be green lit.

@Guvnor - Thank you for such a detailed write up on your experience with Yunan. I think this certainly seals it for him.

@Infinite - Gregorian so far is my only ascended Green 5* and I have been cautious with my next green to level. Wanted to see how they performed at 3.70. My next best Greens are cMelandor at level 20 emblems and Brynhild at level 19. In 4* only matches she served me well as a tank.

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