Green & Yellow - which 5* hero should I ascend

Hello friends,

I need your honest opinion and help. I’ve got enough material to ascend a green 5 star hero and a yellow 5 star hero. Could you tell me your opinions about the choices I have? That would be great. I’ve got a lot of luck with my training center on level 20 and on a ten-pull during the sand empire. So you’ll see my roster of 5 star heroes:

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You can see that there are already three green and three yellow five stars. Because of my bag of ascension materials I am able to max one of each color, too.

Green ones I have:


The choices in green are:

The yellow ones I have:

The choices in yellow are:

Thank you all. I just can not make a decision. I surely have got some favorites but I won’t tell them yet to listen to your opinions freely.

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The green ones:

  • Horghall
  • Lianna
  • Mad Hatter
  • Yunan

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The yellow ones:

  • Rana
  • Musashi
  • Ranvir
  • Justice

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Mainly Yunan and Musashi because you have already started those 2 and they are in their 3rd ascension

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Lianna - the most decent green sniper that you are missing after Kingston

Ranvir - I don’t see Tarlak / Miki so he should be your next best bet against titans

You don’t need Yunan / Rana as with your roster to keep you in diamond.


I thought that Wu is enough against titans, isn’t he?

Thanks for your good advices already.

That I have started to level these two (Musashi, Yunan) has nothing to say about. :sweat_smile:

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I would say Liana for Green and “not Ranvir” for Yellow.

Lianna is a great sniper, she will get a good amount of use. I voted for her.

With Wu maxed, Ranvir is not very important. Rana, Justice, and Musashi all do diffrent things, and it depends on what you feel you need most. I voted for Justice because I like blinding foes a lot. Stopping heal is situational, and while a hit 3 with self-heal is solid, I think blind all is better.

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Thanks again.

My problem with Lianna is only her class type cause I have got so many maxed rangers as you can see above. (Seshat, Gregorion, Finley, Red Hood, Evelyn)

I’d go Lianna anyways, even if you’re drowning in Rangers.

Evelyn → Lianna is a killer combo, easy to set up and very reliable at killing the main target.

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Even though you have Wu, Ranvir is fairly good upgrade. Don’t discount the element link defensive boost against purple when facing that color titan! I use a 3/70 Ranvir on purple and red titans (Tarlak is my main titan booster), and I will probably give Ranvir the darts and some emblems to make him more survivable on those two flavors of titan.

Titans are a daily source of AM rolls, so improving there is key to maintaining a good stream of AMs in the long run IMO.


I think Wu is enough cause I’ve got good debuffers and already enough success with the titans (highest damage was about 123.00) but I appreciate your comments. I will try Ranvir at 3/70 and will see what he can do. Thanks a lot, guys.

On the other hand, I’m still insecure about Lianna because I’ve got Evelyn and Zeline as a fabolous double attack team. And Yunan was quite good in several wars with his 3/70 at the moment. But I see that there are a lot of likes for Lianna. So, I’m trying her on 3/70, too. And then I will decide who to ascend.


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