Ascend second Frida? Or save for another 5* blue?

I have a fully ascended Frida, with emblems, plus a second Frida at 3-70. No other 5* blue heroes. Do I go with another Frida? Or keep waiting for some other 5* blue? I don’t spend money anymore, so it would be TC20 or a very lucky pull from an event summons.


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Frida is awesome for wars. I‘d do a second in a heartbeat.


How many Scopes do you have?

Are you P2P or F2P or somewhere inbetween?


For varieties sake, I’d NOT do a duplicate 5*. Frida is ok, but doesn’t REALLY shine without other hard hitting blues. Wait. Isarnia or Magni would be better for you IMO at this point. I have multiple Ariel, and while many consider her the best healer in the game I don’t see myself ascending even the second one to max.

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20 curious kittens

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I’d wait. Cheaper to do dupes of 4*s like sonya and Grimm… emblems will make them useable for a long time (Sonya’s costume is a huge plus). And frida at 3/70 isn’t terrible.

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Saw you don’t spend much/ anything anymore … managed to miss it in first read…

+1 on @Math4lyfe’s post.

Do some dupe 4* heroes for the moment. If you get to 10 telescopes with no other options, pull the trigger on Frida #2


I have 5 scopes, so it’s sooner rather than later. As for other heroes, I have a maxed Athena (+5 emblems or so), maxed Grimm (+20 emblems), two maxed Sonya’s (one has about 12 emblems), maxed Boril, maxed Kiril (a few emblems), and another Grimm at 3-60. I’ve got a host of maxed heroes so the second Frida would be almost exclusively for war.

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Frida/Grimm or frida/Athena make a deadly combo.

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If you hit 12 scopes, no harm in a 2nd frida in my opinion

Until then i agree with math


How do you setup your O teams?

Unless you face a lot of Green tanks in war; I’d hold off.
FRIDA is great, but she needs other blues to shine. Pair her with Kiril and Grimm for a great (and attainable) grouping.

Once you get that trio running, then see how you like it. If it works for you and if you need a pair of blue 3-2 teams, go for it.

In my honest opinion I would hold off a 2nd Frida and wait for a 5* blue from TC20. Good luck

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