Blue ascension thread. Need advice

Just got my 6th scope from Frostmarch. I don’t see any blue heroes who are coming soon that would make me want to hold on until they get here. I’ll probably have 6 more scopes by the time any new blue I really want gets here.

Here are my maxed ones:

Who would y’all go with next? I’ve got most of the bases covered so I can afford to max a luxury hero.
Here are the ones at 3/70 that are ready for ascension:

I also have some duplicates at 3/70

Frida’s elemental down would go nicely with any/all of who you currently have.

Not a bad idea. I did some test raids with a lot of these 3/70 heroes. Frida seemed the most powerful as far as that goes.

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Athena is the best of all of those heroes imo, but you have several defense debuffing heroes already, so I’d strongly consider Frida, too, depending on what your focus is. Athena will up your Titan score the most (you already have Arthur for single elemental debuff), but Frida is the best choice for every other ice stack.

I do Frida thorne combo all the time. If you could get Frida, lepus, Thorne combo would take end entire team out.

Frida is the most logical choice. Although with how many great blues you have, Raffael wouldn’t be a bad option.

Frida or Athena. Both need to be ascended in any order. Fabulous blue roster!


My blue stack is cKiril-Frida-Cobalt-Lepus, 3 blue matches and I can basically wipe out the entire team (or at least 3 heroes) if I aim carefully. :grin:

But back on topic: it’s a close call between Frida and Athena, but I sway slightly towards Frida simply because that dispel is just immensely useful, and of course as mentioned the elemental defense down is good for both titans and raids/wars.

Y’all talked me into it. She’s got a good package of skills.


Smart, she’s on my wishlist.

Frida was my first HOTM back when she was new. She has been an absolute staple ever since. You will be a fussy player indeed if you aren’t satisfied with your choice.

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