Which hero to use the mats on. Help

Hey guys. Might be a silly question but which would you choose to ascend to fourth tier.
Five options and you can choose two. As is my current situation.

I have 3/70 for all

Just curious and looking for input. My thoughts were Victor and Clarissa, but with Zulag I wasnt sure if I should switch out victor. I have a nice crigard telly and cvivica so. But no purple def. Tanks like zulag from what I’ve seen.

I’d go Clarissa first. On top of her Element Link protecting all your purple heroes from the enemies’ special attacks by reducing the damage incurred, she is a good hero offensively and defensively. She is a good tank because of her being Paladin class and the Element Link and she fires at very fast mana hitting 3 and poisoning them. I’d follow maxing Victor next.


Thanks ultra. Went with Clarissa for now. See if any new keepers pop up before I’m done leveling her up.

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In my honest opinion, And I have this hero on max, I would focus on Clarissa first and put emblems on her if you can.
She is very versatile
And you won’t be disappointed
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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