Alasie or Miki?

So, I just pulled Miki and I’m so excited I wanna max him right away. Titans are a priority for me. That said, I know how great Alasie is… my other maxed 5* blues are Ariel and Frida.

I have 8 scopes(got 2 this week!
Thoughts? I really just wanna say the heck with it and max Miki for a titan specialist. I don’t have Tarlak.


Do as YOU want… You said you KNOW how great Lass is. But I am betting Miki will be great also

I know it’s my call. Even if Alasie is better, if I feel I’ll have more fun with Miki, that’s my choice.

That said, I was hoping for opinions. Will Miki still be as effective at 3/70, etc…

Take Miki to 3^70, use him in 2-3 titan hits, if he will be to weak for you, max him. If he will be ok for you at 3^70 max Alasie first.


Miki could work wonders even at 3.70 but you’ll lose a lot of damage from tiles.
If you aren’t planning to use Alasie in your defense I would bring Miki to 4.80

You already have his best friends as Frida and Ariel, with them you would have a bunch of Average speed heroes charging at an insane rate :slight_smile:

ps. Miki is better than Tarlak against every titan but blue.



20 question marks…

  • He doesn’t make you lose time with healing over time’s animation
  • He silence a titan saving time from his animation
  • He increase normal attack by 30% more than Tarlak and his damage cap is 10% higher

That’s a good idea. I’ll test him out

Also, I’m imagining his elemental link with Ariel’s boost…


Alasie - for all around greatness

Miki - titan only hero

If your priority are titans and dont havr tarlak…
I dont see your doubt!
=Mikki all day long


Add the 5vs4 turns buff!
And one more point

Hi @StephenNap89
What did you end up doing with your Alasie vs. Miki decision?

When I get my next scope I will have exactly the same decision, as I have both Alasie and Miki at 3.70

Miki seems to be working well at 3.70 against Titans, so I am leaning towards Alasie.

Just curious to know how it worked out for you?

Hello :slight_smile:

I currently have Miki at 3/46 and Alasie at 2/60. I don’t use Alasie. Even when not at 3/70 I still find Miki’s survivability against 8* titans reasonable. I don’t know what level titans you are fighting, but you said Miki is staying alive. You give up some tile damage, but at 3/70 Miki’s special is still amazing.

I think I’m gonna stop at 3/70 and take Alasie to 3/70, then decide. I’m leaning toward Alasie because I have Frida maxed. Frida + Alasie sounds amazing in a blue stack. I have 8 scopes, currently.


Thanks Stephen.

Yes - mainly 8* Titans here, with 7* and 9* occasionally, but we have never taken down a 9* yet.

Up to now I have been mainly using Wilbur and Wu plus three strong colour for Titans, but I think I am now going to go with Wilbur and Miki (and retire Wu). I don’t have Tarlak or Ranvir.

I have one more scope to get before I need to decide, so should get that at Frostmarch in about 2 weeks time.

I will try to remember to let you know what I decide, but at the moment am leaning (slightly) toward Alasie. My other maxed blue 5* are Aegir (my tank) and Isarnia. I don’t have Frida.

Good luck in your quests

Alaise will benefit much more from being maxed. She is always paired with KA and they kill anything…Frida should give you the same results.

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Miki is a titan god IMO. After I maxed him, it took only about 5 titans to beat my titan high score, and I demolished it (Went from 88k to 118k). I’ve since beat it 2-3 more times as well. Now they have all been on red titans, but still… My titan lineup has been Miki, Frida, Ariel, Triton, Grimm. Fully buffed, each blue tile hits for roughly 5k-6k.

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For 10* titand or bellow mikki 3/70 should handle it…
Well i have to love mikki… because i beat my 117k in a blue 12* titan (with tarlak)…
To a 145k hit on 12* titan with mikki and not such a good puzzle i see it improving the next titans (only fought 1 red titan since i have mikki)

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Well @StephenNap89 Frostmarch is here so I will have my 6th Telescope later today.

So the Alasie vs Miki decision is going to be have to be made soon. Are you any further on with your thinking?

As we are on mainly 8* Titans, and Miki is usually surviving, I am currently still leaning towards Alasie.
Oh, I don’t know!!!

I have gotten Miki to 3/70. He survives against 8s just fine. I got a 130k hit the other day against one. He is good at 3/70 unless you plan to start going at 10-14 titans. I vote Alasie. This will be my 9th telescope, so probably gonna max her soon.

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