Ascend a Red or Two

Hi all!

BIt stuck with who to ascend. Here’s who I have to level

And here is my main set of reds. I also have Wilbur and Gormek maxed

Who would you go with? I have 12 hidden blades at the moment

Thanks in advance

I love using kelile. She is 4* version of marjana. Really useful in stacking and AW.


I’m tempted to do Kong but he isn’t rated great in general and needs more materials, but him stacking with Gazelle could be deadly. The other thing is I already have him at 3.70 so other than 6 rings he wouldn’t take much more material wise…but is he worth it!?

Lancelot though, could be handy with his mana boost…

And Kellie deals damage over time.

I can’t choose!

Kellie is imo well worth of blades. She is your fast Mini-Marjana. What comes to other ones, I would maybe go with Kong. He plays nicely together with BT, Wilbur and Falcon. King Kong is maybe not most popular red 5* hero, but I find him very useful in red stack. If you don’t feel like you want to give him rings, then just wait. He is not super, but not bad either.

I’m not fan of Sir Dancealot, I find him mediocre at his best among those great red ones but his mana boost is useful from time to time.


I’d go with Kelile and eventually Sir Lancelot. Maxed 4* heroes are better than 3/70 5* heroes, if you don’t have enough rings to bring a 5* to tier 4.


I do have the rings but it’s a case of…is Kong worth using all 6 on!?

I may do Kelile for now a reevaluate after I max her.

I love Kongs design though haha.

Maybe I’ll wait and see what my tokens get me in the next event and in the meanwhile finish Kelile (been on the game for like 2 years and JUST realised her name isn’t Kellie haha)

I have 4 Kelile, another Lancelot, 4 more Boldtusks sat waiting to see what happens with the Acadamy, so much wasted roster space but I can’t give up 4*s haha

Could you show me lancelot stats at 3/60?
Thanks in advance !

And probably would do Kelile too. Shes fast to level Up and a good sniper

+1 for Kelile, sturdy fast sniper red.

I’d say no. :smile: Rather wait a little more and see if you get lucky and pull e.g. Marjana from TC 20.

Not at 3.60 yet mate but here he is as far as I’ve got him

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All my TC20s give me are 3* or duplicate 4 *…So many Sabinas…so many Keliles…

I feel your pain friend.
Running TC 20 for 12 days and my only two 4* were dupes one . Melendor and kashhrek.

I desesperatly need kiril , if i get kelile or Scarlett i would be Happy too.

I had 3 TC20s running the other day and all I was getting were 3*s then another Sabina.

I need backpacks so badly, Atlantis can’t come quick enough!

Kelile or Lancelot. Don’t bother with Kong or Khagan