Who gets my rings?

Hi all!

This is the first time I have struggle to decide which hero to ascend, so I need suggestions from the community. Following red 5 star heroes I already have ascended:

  • Azlar
  • Santa
  • Marjana
  • Kaghan

I have 6 rings and following heroes on 3-70:

  • Noor (really like her artwork and skill animation, little weak though)
  • Captain Kestrel
  • Guardian Kong
  • Elena
  • Reuben

All S1 heroes without costume btw…

Please share your thoughts on whom you would ascend and why, thank you!


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Between kestrel cause he is fast. And kong for his cleanse.

But i might do kestrel first due to his speed


2nd Kestrel. He’s very underrated and a solid hero.


G Kong with Kestrel coming a close second I would say


Damn, I came in to say Kong or Kestral! Kestral by a nose for the fast mana.

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Thank you for your opinions. I was also considering Kong or Kestrel. My only 5* cleanser is Ariel. But I think I tend to Kestrel for damage… I will finish leveling some 3* costumes first and then go for Kestrel. Let’s see, maybe Noor gets a Buff meanwhile xD

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If you have BT wilbur with costume majarana I’d do kong that is a near enough death for your opposition.
Kestrel is a soild choice I’d like both but for raiding war Kong would be better.

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