Ascencion advice? Triton vs Scarlet (or maybe Gaiderus, white Melendor or even someone else?)


Relatively new to the game (4 months) but I already have a fully ascended 4* team consisting of:

  • Tiburtus
  • Hu Tao
  • Grimm
  • Little John
  • Boldtusk

Using them everywhere in the game atm (incl def with Hu Tao as a tank as I thought it would be good to let Boldtusk live for a little longer). Just about to get to the point where I decide on who to rank up next and I wonder who would be the best addition to my existing roster.


  • Triton
  • Scarlett
  • Gaiderus
  • Melendor (+ a costume)
  • Rigard (needs more trap tools but it’s a matter of time)
  • Skittleskull (not ready yet - just pulled him)

I was pretty sure I would rank Gaiderus first and then decide who to follow with… just until this morning when I realized Scarlett and Triton generate mana faster which is what I don’t have in my team yet. So leaning towards these two atm.

Questions are:

  • who should I rank first, who should follow and why?
  • should I do it now or wait for atlantis weekend to see if I pull anyone better?

For me, Gaderius shouldn’t be your first choice.

I’d first level Rigard as a cleanser in your roster is essential and Rigard is brilliant.

Then after that your team lacks a sniper so I’d be looking at Triton or Scarlett.

If you want to boost your teams healing go for Triton, if you want to stop the opponent hitting so hard then Scarlett.

Melendor is a really good healing attacker but he can be killed quite easily, personally I would level his costumed version but that depends on preference - both dispell buffs from the enemy


Welcome to the forum!

You’ve got some really nice heroes. I am ftp so when I was 4 months into the game, I only had one 4*: Boldtusk. And I did not have enough hidden blades to ascend him so he stayed at tier 3 for a long time.

Anyways, back to your question, here is the order in which I would level up the heroes.

  1. Rigard. He is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. And if you get his costume in the future, he will become even more powerful. You will not regret working on him.

  2. Triton. You already have Tiburtus and Grimm. Both reduce defense of enemies so they are kind of redundant when put together. I would replace Grimm with Triton for his superior firepower and healing bonus. Plus his mana speed is faster.

  3. Melendor. Like Rigard, Melendor is an awesome healer. And with costume he is even more useful. I would even consider replacing Little John with Melendor costume as your green hero.

  4. Scarlett. Fast mana and great tile damage. Very handy when you need to red stack.

  5. Gadeirus. Not a particularly good hero. He could be great in rush attack tournaments. I would only work him if I had no other options and an abundance of ascension materials.

  6. Skittleskull. Another mediocre hero. She’s got great tile damage so could be useful in green stacking. And she’d be great in rush attack tournaments (like Gadeirus). Again, I would only work on her if I had no better green heroes and a lot of materials.


Thanks guys. I guess I’ll start with Triton and then go for Rigard when I get more trap tools. Then let’s see what future brings.

You’ve got some really nice heroes. I am ftp so when I was 4 months into the game, I only had one 4*: Boldtusk. And I did not have enough hidden blades to ascend him so he stayed at tier 3 for a long time.

I paid some money but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s easier to get some 4* heroes and required materials earlier in the game than it used to be.

I was the same as lightmessenger, had Boldtusk for ageeeees before I had another 4*.

Actually I think my next big hero was Quintus in an elemental summon. Thought I had got an absolute beast! Oh how naive haha. Took me nearly 2 years to max him out. Still fond of him and use him though :slight_smile:

That isn’t actually a terrible lineup. Hu Tao is possibly one of the most under rated yellows IMO. But that isn’t what you are asking. My vote just has to be Rigard. You will not be sorry and if you get his costume? That makes him, quite possibly, the best vanilla 4 star in the game as far as I am concerned.

I mean, who you level depends on who’s mats you have. What mats do you have right now?

I would just spread your feeders around; green feeders for melendor, purple feeders for rigard, red feeders for scarlett, etc.

And then whatever hero you gather enough AM mats for, level them.

triton is your best 4* sniper.

emblem him on attack route.

my 1st team for raid/war : triton+19, grimm+18, sartan+1, proteus+19 and cRigard+16

I have been spreading feeders partially but don’t have patience to do it 100% properly :wink: Most of them are very close to max on third ribbon and I have mats for anyone except Rigard - trap tools x2 only but only one compass so I need to pick one who goes first. Otherwise it would be obvious to ascend anyone I can :wink: Which is why I will probably do Triton for now and Rigard as soon as I get mats unless someone really exceptional pops up during atlantis event.

Gadeirus is a good hero imo people use him for titans for attack bonus.
I’ll be using him to complete pirates coming up rare and legendary put my jackal next to him keeps him alive n attack bonus is a death sentence :+1:

rigard was the most competitive choice imo, but since you don’t have the trap tools, I’d go with melendor costume. Since he has a costume.

Rigard is pretty good but with that team, i think you’ll be in a cup range where you come up against a lot of riposte heroes, and cleanse isn’t going to be as useful as a dispell. You’ve also got 2 slow mana attackers, which i feel is at least one too many.

I’d recommend gradually aiming to replace most of your team, starting with melendor in for little John. The debuff will save your team nukers vs riposte, and the heal will keep hu tao alive long enoigh to fire.

Then I’d work to drop grimm for triton. He’s a wicked strong sniper, and you’ve got another def debuff already. The healing bonus works really well with 2 healers too.

Then I’d do rigard. He’s excellent, but i think you’ll find debuff more useful until you climb out od plat.

Scarlett is too frail to be much use at this point. Someone worth ascending eventually, but not a rush

Gadeirus has uses, but not really outside of tounaments. Pass for now. Same with skittles.



Thanks for all advice, I ascended Triton and I am happy with him. I am one compass away from next ascencion though. I planned to go with Rigard but pulled Wu Kong and Lianna with a costume in the meantime - both ready to rank already. Who would you pick in this case?

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rigard absolutely… with costum his awesome…

Wukong is a Titan essential. You will never regret ascending him. Just be careful when you use him in raids because his accuracy debuff can cause your snipers to miss. Use him at 3-60 for now.
Lianna is also a fantastic hero, but you will probably have to wait a while to get her beyond 3-70 because of the materials needed. You can still use her at 2-60 for the time being.

As much as I would love to suggest Wukong so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of his titan skills, my opinion is that in order to have raid/war healing options, Rigard should probably be your priority. His tankiness and cleanse skill will be very useful to you at your level.

ETA - I know Melendor is not getting much love in this thread, but he was one of my first healers, and his dispel skill is also invaluable. I still use him in every war. As Sailor posted a few posts up, you will probably bump into Boril/Cyprian tanks a bit in raids, so dispel may be very useful to you too.

+1 on that. I leveled and emblemed him - and I sorry I had. I have little use of him, and even in rush tournament - he is not brilliant.

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I also have a maxed Gadeirus and unlocked the first node of his talent. My rationale back then was that he looked like a good tank in rush attack tournaments, especially if fire heroes are not allowed. But soon after I pulled Buddy and he’s a better choice for the job.

I mean, I would not say that I totally regret leveling and embleming Gadeirus. I sometimes use him with Triton and Proteus to get the family bonus. But he would not be my priority.

I have one horrible mistake and two poor decisions in my roster. I suspect many of us have a story like yours (and mine!).

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